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You are Invited to Explore!

At Cruise Planners we have set the bar very high for finding you the perfect journey. Whether it is a cruise, a river cruise or a land journey we can handle any type of travel.

Imagining a romantic cruise on the Seine River in France and as you sail from your port in Paris you look back at the magnificent sunset behind Notre Dam and then to your right you are captivated by the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower!

Now you are on a Princess cruise and it is early morning. You jump out of bed and run out to your balcony with your morning coffee, sipping it as you pull into the fabulous port of call, Venice. At dusk as you depart you can hear the call of the gondoliers as they set out for a magical evening accompanied by Italian singers.

Whatever your journey is, it will be a memorable and magical one! Let Cruise Planners make these dreams come true!

About Cathy Hoffman

Cathy has traveled on over 100 cruises throughout the world including all the major cruise lines as well as most of the river cruise companies and mega yacht companies.

In 2014 Cathy was selected by American Express as one of the top travel agents in the world to handle travel needs by American Express card holders and those making inquiries on the American Express website as a travel specialist for France; 2015 specialist for all of the UK and Walt Disney World; Walt Disney World Cruise and Adventures by Disney. “I have been deeply honored to be selected by American Express as a travel insider and a top agent with Cruise Planners as it shows to my clients that they come first, that they are the focus of what I can create in making their dreams become a reality. It is about education and growth and continually looking for unique opportunities to share with everyone,” Cathy recently commented.

In 2016 Cathy was selected by Travel Weekly’s Global Travel Market Network to be a travel ambassador at their 2016 East Coast conference networking with top travel suppliers from all over the world.

About Cruise Planners:

Cruise Planners is based in sunny Florida.

We are thrilled to welcome our newest travel associate, Alyssa Indelicato, to our staff along with our associates in the Cruise Planners/Hoffman group, Claudia Indelicato and Carine Beauvisage, in the Paris office.

Call us today! Don’t just dream it -- LIVE IT!


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