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Cruise and Travel Secrets

We have scoured the web for the most popular e-Books written by expert authors who are revealing all sorts of insider secrets within the cruise, airline, hotel, car rental, and travel industries. These e-Books can be purchased directly through the links below and are delivered electronically. Once you click the below links you are leaving CruiseCrazies and as a result we cannot control and are not liable once you leave our site.

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Ex-Cruise Ship Officer reveals Confidential Insider Secrets to
Save Lots of Money on Every Cruise ... Guaranteed!

"It's so easy for my family and friends to cruise for less, it feels like the cruise lines are paying them to take a vacation! While they spend practically nothing, I just shake my head in utter disbelief as I watch what others just like you are spending for your cruise vacation."

"But now, the shocking truth will be exposed in my revolutionary guide on how to cruise for less – the same guide that has the cruise industry trembling at the knees!"

This guide will work with any cruise line, any ship, and any itinerary worldwide!

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Intelligent Cruiser

Fly Cheap! Airfare Secrets Revealed!

Fly cheap and save buckets of cash. Ex-Airline Pilot Reveals How To Get Dirt Cheap Airline Tickets. Save Up To $500 Or More On Your Next Flight - Guaranteed!

This 100% Legal System Works For ANY Airline Anywhere in the World! (and the airlines can't do anything about it!)

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Fly Cheap

Former Airline Employee Reveals Airline Secrets To Upgrades + Savings

An Outspoken Online Bestseller That Tells Air Travelers Worldwide How To Upgrade To Business Or First Class And How To Save Big On Air Travel

Over 70 power-packed pages (including the bonus eBooks) and Unlimited lifetime access to the online web link for yearly updates!

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Travel Top Secrets

Insider's Guide to Hotel Secrets: Top Level Hotel Manager Reveals All

The last time you stayed at a hotel, did you even think to question the rate you were quoted? Did you know that there are certain questions you can ask a hotel when you book your room that will tell you immediately if you can get a better rate? If not then you probably overpaid. Don’t beat yourself up too much, you might not have even known what questions to ask...

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Insider Guide to Hotel Secrets

Cancun On The Cheap

From the moment you arrive in Cancun until the moment you leave, every person whose path you cross, wants one thing - Your money. And they will get it if you're not prepared. They take advantage of people like you everyday and They are experts at separating you from your money.

This book prepares you... Educates you... And saves you tons of money.

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Cancun on the Cheap