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Blog #2: Overview of the RedFrog Pub...

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Blog 2: Overview of the RedFrog Pub...

On the brand new Carnival Ship, Carnival Magic, they installed a new Pub idea... They are creating all kinds of brands around the ship with the sky coarse adventure, ocean plaza, superstar live, etc... The RedFrog Pub is a great start to some great ideas for future cruises. Instead of just a regular bar where people stop for a second listen to some kind of entertainment and head off, they created an experience for people to come, meet others, enjoy some life tunes (me) and become regulars there for the week.. I get a lot of comments that the RedFrog should be open later because people who are not fans of the Disco would rather spend their nights at the Pub.

They offer some great prices on their drinks and a variety of GREAT food at prices like $3.33.. The first run got some commotion for the shortage of their Carnival branded beer called Thirsty Frog Red. It was not a shortage of beer, more of peoples choice of drink. It ran out quicker than they expected and was only with out that particular beer for a few days before the received more. Nothing to really blow out of proportion. It has been a success on this ship so far and is something they will start modeling into the future ships and even constructing in the older ships!

Thanks for Reading... -*DB-

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Our next cruise is on the Elation out of Mobile. They probably won't have Thirsty Frog Red beer aboard. Maybe they will have the 'Bad Frog Beer', which used to be brewed in this area.:laugh:

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It sounds like a nice place to spend evenings on a cruise. We're always looking for a different type of evening when we cruise. Hopefully, they will add this to more of their ships.:thumbup:

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Good idea for it to be open later. We would rather spend time in the Pub since sometimes that disco music gets to be a little too much for us after a while. Yeah, the pub sounds like the perfect place to hang out later in the evening. Thanks for your blog, Danny.

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