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  2. RT @RyanAFournier: Accurate.

  3. RT @carrieksada: @realDonaldTrump We stand w/ you @POTUS We are 👀 the treachery from the 8 @GOP senators. They will be dealt with by the v…

  4. Enjoy #Nassau and its authentic charm. #shoreexcursionsgroup #vacation #Bahamas

  5. Hey Crazies, I am now unpacked and will remain so until Labor Day Weekend, when we'll be off to St. Maarten. That'll be an all-inclusive, so I expect to lay around the beach a lot ... and drink. Andi - I forgot to mention about the Friday night torrential wind and rain storm that occurred while at the beach house on the Cape. In fact, nearby at Cahoon Hollow Beach in Wellfleet, one of the dunes fronting a parking lot collapsed, and took a car down with it. Cape Cod has enough trouble keeping it's precious shorelines from eroding, and it certainly doesn't need help from Mother Nature. Congratulations on all your upcoming cruises! Miranda - Welcome back from your trip with friends. It's so great to re-connect with friends or family. That's why I like our weeks with the family on Cape Cod so much - we get to reconnect and spend time with the grandkids. We took Alex on his first whale watch, and the expression on his face when he saw all the whales (and there were a lot!), was precious! Shari - Sounds like you've been very busy! I am glad you liked my review. Hopefully, you'll get to be there for my next group cruise review! Have a good night.
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  7. I've completed the daily quest in Paradise Island 2! #ParadiseIsland2 #GameInsight

  8. Good Sunday, Crazies! People are returning home and the Dock is a bit busier - yay! Hot hot here today with temps in the upper 90s and very humid. In fact, storms are supposed to hit the area in a couple of hours. We'll see if they bring any relief! Shari - Hope you got some sleep before your busy weekend, lol! Yes - my philosophy has been to try to travel while we are able to, and both here - literally! So off we go....of course, if we do both live well into our upper decades, we probably will be too broke to go anywhere, but we'll have lots of memories and pictures to occupy us, lol. Miranda - Welcome back! So glad you had a great time in Bristol with friends! And good for you in getting right back at the gym - you are much more disciplined than I am, ha! Jan - Welcome back! Glad you had decent weather - I wondered as I watched storms head your way. It is always nice to be back at home....for a little while, lol! Ray - Wherefore art thou, Ray?! Doing something outrageous, I hope! I want to hear what you think of my Viking booking?! Well - having a nice dinner with Krista and Efrain before getting ready for a busy week....and so it begins! Have a great Monday everyone.
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  10. Yes! We had so much fun on the Koningsdam - now let's double or triple the fun with more of us aboard the Coral Princess, April 10, 2018! No longer an active participant here on CruiseCrazies? We've got a Facebook Event page, as well, if you prefer to check out the details there. Go to: Facebook: Coral Princess, Panama Canal - April 10, 2018
  11. Just returned from our week at the beach, and as much as I love the cottages, Cape Cod and Wellfleet, in particular, it's always nice to be back in the comfort of my own home. We had a great week, good weather - with a touch of rain showers and clouds now and then - had lots of fun with the grandkids, and Jenn and Amanda joined us Thursday night, so the whole family was present for our steamed clams last night. Lots of laundry and catching up to do, so I'll check back later.
  12. burned 151 calories doing 19 minutes of Running (jogging), 5 mph (12 min mile) #myfitnesspal

  13. The total #solareclipse is going to knock out a lot of #solarpower

  14. SUNDAY, AUGUST 20TH Good morning Crazies, Back from Bristol again and Joan and I had a great time. And of course I was lucky again, the weather was perfect. Met some nice people again and saw some beatiful things. Just two more days off and then it's back to normal again and counting down to my next vacation in December . Andi, your actions are superb! Good for you to grab your cruises and even one on the Edge. Have a great time with your little guy! Hope everyone is doing all right. I am going to get ready to go the gym. It's been a week . Enjoy your Sunday Crazies, Miranda
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  16. Alcohol prevents ability to extinguish fearful memories in mice: Insight into

  17. Emerald Princess
  18. @lamonicagarrett @RealEricDane @BrenFosterReal Looking forward to @TheLastShipTNT tomorrow night #NavyVeteran #thelastship

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  20. My city of #Boston is amazing. The "free speech" rally pretty much disintegrated before it ever…

  21. My city of #Boston is amazing. The "free speech" rally pretty much disintegrated before it ever…

  22. My city of #Boston is amazing. The "free speech" rally pretty much disintegrated before it ever…

  23. RT @VACTRUTH: This SIDS/Vaccine Injury court case just concluded to help prove this baby died from vaccines given the day...…

  24. Holland America’s Koningsdam: Cruising the Norway Fjords [New CruiseCrazies Member Review] -

  25. Saturday, August 19 Hi Everyone...will be another busy Saturday, so I had better get to bed's only 4:37 AM...LOL Looks like a nice day with some sun, and around 80 degrees. I can handle that! LOL Andi...are you sure you are retired? Hope all goes well with picking up Lucas and all the meetings. I will be very happy to split the Powerball with you also... Good Luck! Congratulations on the cruise bookings! They all sound so nice. now while you can. I wish I had done more back when I was in better shape, especially my dream cruise of the Mediterranean. Have a good weekend. Hi to all Cruise Crazies! Have a great weekend!
  26. Happy Friday, Crazies! I will enjoy my relatively quiet weekend because next week activities really heat up: I begin picking up Lucas from school Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays and keeping him until Mom gets off work, plus three nights in a row of business to conduct at Mutual Ground, plus a few additional committee meetings! It seems that once schools are back in session, everything else in the world ramps up as well, lol. Shari - I'll be perfectly happy to split the Powerball jackpot with you Good luck to both of us! Judging by the quiet Dock, everyone is busy! Hope Jan enjoyed her week at the beach and hope Ray is practicing wildly for that Debussy concert! I went a little amok and booked some cruises: I already wrote about the Carib one in November; now I added a river cruise next August - Roundtrip Paris/Normandy on Viking; then I did go ahead and book a week in February 2019 on the new Celebrity Edge. I checked the ship bookings and they are selling out of those Infinity-Edge cabins for the first few months of 2019 so I swooped in and snagged one! Now I just have to figure out how to pay for them all, lol!! Oh well - can't take it with you, right? Have a great weekend, everyone!
  27. RT @attn: .@Schwarzenegger has a blunt message for Nazis.

  28. Check out this photo of Madison Avenue Pub on #Yelp

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