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  2. Shari, a friend of mine has had the same kind of eye problems, and as it turned out, her opthamologist also had the same thing. Anyway, he said that the problem was what was called an "ocular migraine," and was caused by lack of sleep, stress and caffeine. Given those things, I should be getting the same thing shortly...LOL. Andi, I kind of figured that whether the Nats won or the Cubs, Los Angeles was going to be too much to handle... The new car is the most comfortable ride I have ever had, but the required 91 octane gas is an ouch! Jan, I will begin to plan a Caribbean getaway which starts or ends in Puerto Rico. Going to the Caribe, I DO want to avoid hurricane season... Miranda, are you up for a Caribbean cruise in autumn or spring? Gotta get to bed now!
  3. Good Thursday Evening, Crazies! Arrived back from my conference about 7 this evening. It was a jampacked two days but very good content and great food, lol! Weather is beautiful here....mid 70s with bright sunshine! A busy weekend coming up: tomorrow I begin with a blood pressure recheck; still have not gotten the ultrasound results so maybe I will get those tomorrow as well. Then on to my nail appointment, after which we will pick up Lucas from his short school day (teacher institute.) So I have to come up with something fun for us to do for the afternoon. Then on to dinner with Krista/Efrain before we go to the theater for our subscription production: Million Dollar Quartet. Whew! Then Saturday I have an AAUW Conference, followed by a birthday dinner for Heidi and Efrain. Sunday? I think I will just sleep, ha! Jan - Love the FB post - we are so happy to have met and cruised with you guys - can't wait to do it again! Shari - Glad you are feeling a bit better but sorry that you missed out on the nice days. I'm afraid that our fridge is nearing it's demise, as well, since it has been leaking on and off. It is still keeping everything cold for now......we'll see what happens! Ray - What a beauty of a car - love it and love red! Well my Cubbies went out in truly embarrassing fashion....but now maybe my blood pressure will come down, lol! I'm not sure I can root for the Dodgers....they sure are a scraggly looking bunch but are playing great ball. Oh well - just wait until next year!
  5. Seems ok when I just make a small post.
  6. signature seems to take up another page, but hope it's ok. Not that many people on anymore so should be alright. Hope so. Maybe I can find a way to make the cruises smaller. Don't want to lose them though.
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  8. Thursday, October 19th Hi Everyone...doing a little better today...just a couple of bad days...I have had so many good ones lately that it was time to have some bad ones...LOL After doing a little help with the frozen food for the fridge and a few other things my back got so bad I couldn't walk without excruciating pain. Lots of my "other" issues all seemed to come at the same time. Weather here is so beautiful this week, and I couldn't get out to even go to the store...poor me...LOL We may have rain on Saturday so hoping I can get out tomorrow, but, I really can't carry anything at the store...Marc is here to carry things in for me, but you still have to lift to put on the counter, and lift to bag, and then lift everything into the, will see how it goes. Concerned about my left eye also...about six months ago I had some bad migraines...still do have some, but not as I got the pretty auras with can't see for about 15 to 20 minutes and then the auras go away...well some aura stayed with me for months but it was only on my left side and didn't affect the whole eye, so I let it go thinking it would go it has changed, and it's kind of like seeing a spider web on the left with a spider in it and it keeps swinging to the middle when you move around...sounds weird, I know. Saw the eye doctor and she checked for a retinal detachment...didn't have that, but do have to keep an eye on pun intended...LOL Anyway...some of the fibro, and MS type things at the same time, so it has been kind of a rough time...feeling more optimistic now. TMI, I know, sorry...feel better now that I got it all out...LOL Miranda...thanks for the nice comment on my granddaughters...hope you're keeping that nice summer type weather there. It sounds so nice. We're having a good week here, and when the sun shines it shows off the pretty colors so nicely. So great that you got to meet a nice lady. Hope it blooms into a great friendship. Jan...thanks for the nice comments...doing a little better, and thanks for the comment on my little grandbabies...actually they have grown up 8 years since that photo was taken. Yes...that was unbelievable that they brought the fridge at 6:45 in the morning. All we were told was that it would come between 7 and 11. Didn't really think they would come before 9 AM. I have to say that they did a great job and was out of here by 7 AM...but that was because Marc and I had it all ready to go, so that helped. Hope you do get to go to Dubrovnik sometime. That was one place that was on my wish list for my Mediterranean cruise. I had wanted to start in Spain, and then France, and then Italy, lots of Italy, and then down around the foot to Greece, and up to Dubrovnik, and end up in Venice...maybe someday. sorry that your "Walk" was cancelled. Glad that the rains have stopped there. Good that the weather is nice again. Glad all went well with the kidney ultrasound...hope you get good results. Hope your blood pressure will come down a little more, and hope all of your tests are good. Yes...I do like the's just really nice to have one that doesn't leak anymore and keeps everything as cold as it should be. Only one thing that is different...the ice maker, and I did like the older one because the ice bin was open and I could just take ice out that way for my back pack of ice. Just need to get used to this's not a large fridge because we just don't have room in my small kitchen. Big dream of mine, besides the Mediterranean cruise, was always to have a bigger kitchen. Be well! Ray...falling asleep at the piano...LOL I'm nowhere as busy as you, but I often find myself falling asleep at the computer or even at the kitchen table after dinner and dishes...usually go through the mail then. Marc came up to ask me a question last night after dinner, and he scared the...out of me. I had fallen asleep and was even starting to dream...LOL Now why can't I fall asleep in the car when Marc is driving, or on an airplane...that would be so cool. LOL Congrats on your new younger students...that should be fun to work with them...or at least very interesting. When our girls come over we try and get them to play, but they are still kind of bashful to play piano for us. Hope all goes well with all of your students. Sorry about your car needing replacement, but congratulations on the new one. It's sure a beauty! Kevin and Grace...I look forward to hearing them need for them to rush, their own good time. I should have asked you to play and sing a little when you were here. I do give tips...LOL MaryLou...missing you! Hope you are well! Hi to all Cruise Crazies...have a great day!
  9. Sorry to hear that Shari. I hope things turn around for you soon.

  11. Hi Everyone...have had a rough couple of days...not in the talking mood, but will be back, hopefully, tomorrow. Have to go over to FB to get ahold of some relatives. Thinking of you all. Hope all is well, and you are having a good week. Sleep tight and have a good day tomorrow!
  12. Personally, I think there’s no better view of my city of #Boston than on the water. I snapped…

  13. Personally, I think there’s no better view of my city of #Boston than on the water. I snapped…

  14. Personally, I think there’s no better view of my city of #Boston than on the water. I snapped…

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  16. RT @CruiseRadio: Celebrity Cruises to Have 5 Ships in Europe for 2019 #cruise #travel

  17. Cruising to Ajaccio, Corsica? How to spend your day -

  18. I'll keep it short today. I forgot the iPad at home, and posting on an iPhone is just not doing it for me. Ray - Nice-looking wheels! I think we should schedule a group trip down your way so we can all have a ride! After that, let's do a group cruise with San Juan - start planning! Andi - I hope your BP is under control, and good luck with your ultrasound results. We caught the Marine Corps Band concert last night in Providence as it stopped by on its US tour. We got chills - they were so good. All decked out in sharp uniforms and shiny black shoes, they demonstrated their talent, style and musicianship. The solo trumpeter blew us away! Enjoy your day!
  19. RT @virginvoyages: Need to get out Jury Duty? @richardbranson can try to help ⚖️

  20. Andi, Just before we drove it out of the showroom!
  21. At first glance, a new idea feels like a breath of fresh air t... More for Gemini

  22. RT @mitchellvii: Despite all their efforts, the Left is getting weaker and Trump is getting stronger. All according to plan.

  23. RT @mitchellvii: Despite all their efforts, the Left is getting weaker and Trump is getting stronger. All according to plan.

  24. RT @cruiselover28: This is how you know it's the right thing to do....

  25. My week on Twitter 🎉: 1 Tweet. See yours with

  26. Happy Tuesday, Crazies! Weather is much improved here, although many areas are flooded and roads are closed after we got almost 10 inches total from Friday night into Sunday morning. Ultrasound went well yesterday, although I do not know the results as of yet. Headed to Springfield tomorrow for a 2-day conference and will see the physician's assistant on Friday for a BP recheck. My numbers here at home suggest that it has come down on the new medicine, but still running a tad high, sigh. Ray - So good to hear from you and nice to hear that we will most likely cruise together again in the future! Not sure if you read that our November cruise switched out San Juan for St. Croix; I know St. Croix was hit as well, (although not as badly as PR,) so we will be spending money there for sure on our cruise. SO.........what car did you GET? Glad to hear your studio is busy but glad also to hear you are taking time for the form of reading....which I am always a big fan of. The Cubs are CERTAINLY not helping my blood pressure at the moment....hoping these three games at home will turn things around! Shari - Yay - your fridge is in the house! And now that you have had it for a whole 24 hours, how do you like it? Probably will be back on Friday - have a great week, Crazies!
  27. Work out on an Australian outrigger in Airlie Beach. #shoreexcursionsgroup #cruise #travel #tours #Australia…

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