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  2. Hi Everyone, After a balmy, unseasonable 80 degrees yesterday, we are back in the 60's today - perfect for puttering around outside. The furniture was hosed down and is now back on the patio for summer, and most of winter's debris swept away from the patio pavers. We even sat outside for a while admiring the budding and flowering trees. I thought about going to the nursery to pick up some flowers for the flower boxes and planters, but I was much too relaxed to move. Maybe next weekend. Yesterday was Alex's birthday party, in two parts. Part 1 featured he and his little school friends playing games and running around a gym, followed by pizza and cake. Even Baby Brother Will had fun toddling around! Part 2 featured the family going back to their house to watch him open presents. He was so funny - hopping around from one gift to the next, asking "what's this? ... what's this?" He reminded me of Jack Skellington in Nightmare Before Christmas when he discovers Christmas-LOL! He got some great stuff including a tent, a kid size folding chair for outside, binoculars, and magnifying glass. Sounds like some backyard camping is in order! He loves to play dress up, so we got him a doctor outfit complete with stethoscope and all the other tools he needs to keep his family healthy! Plus, no birthday party is complete without adults in attendance assembling complicated lego sets! Shari - I am so happy to hear your spirits are up and that you are doing well with the NutriSystem plan. One of the downsides to meal plans like this, as well as those like SlimFast, are maintaining once you're done with them. I did well on Slimfast until I went back to my old bad eating habits. Now we are both trying to eat sensibly and exercise, while monitoring calories and workouts on MyFitnessPal. It does work when we stick to it - which is hard for any plan, I guess. Andi - So what did you end up doing on your free weekend - relaxing with a good book or tackling chores? If a book, I hope you enjoyed it. If you decided on chores, I hope you didn't wear yourself out. Tomorrow is May 1st - already! Have a good night!
  3. Sunday, April 30th Hi Everyone...had a really nice weekend so is cold and windy,and a little rain off and on...staying in and enjoying a quiet day. Have some paper work to do but nothing that will last that long. Went to dinner last night after church with some friends,and my aunt and her best friend...very nice to visit with everyone. It's hard to stay on my diet when I eat out,but am trying very hard. Still down another pound so I guess I didn't do too bad. I am still concerned that when we get off the Nutri-System that it will be hard to do this on my own, but I am going to measure,and I'm watching closely the size of portions and all. I also have a Weight Watcher's recipe book so might make a few dinners that way. My spirit is up,and for the first time in a long time I feel that I can do this. Andi...It sounds like you are having some weather like we are here. It may get really cold this evening, but by Wednesday or Thursday it will start warming up and get into the 60s again. Hope you're enjoying your nice quiet weekend. So sorry that your dad had to go through the bypass, I can't imagine how hard it is to go through all that. Another good reason for me to lose weight. Never had any heart issues, but you never know what can happen when overweight and getting older. So glad you enjoyed the musical, "Jesus Christ Superstar" I will love to see it if it comes here. I love far my favorite is "Phantom of the Opera." We bought a CD of the music before we even went to see it and then enjoyed it even more. I've always wanted to see "Jesus Christ Superstar." Even back when Michael Bolton was staring in it. Think he was an original. We did see Michael Bolton once,and he put on a fantastic show, especially like the way he sang, "Hallellujah." Hi to all Cruise Crazies! Have a wonderful Sunday!
  4. We’re no longer going on this particular cruise. Scheduling conflicts came up for several key members of the group making it necessary to postpone the event, but we’re confident that the soon-to-be-announced replacement cruise will be awesome!
  5. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A delightful balance of whimsy and grotesque -Kirkus Reviews #ghosts #amreading

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  7. Good Friday Afternoon, Crazies! Cold, cloudy and windy here - 52 degrees with heavy rains coming in for the whole weekend. Good thing I have one of those rare weekends with absolutely nothing on the calendar - yay! Ed is working all weekend so I will just stay inside, make some hot tea and try to make a dent in these unread books I have, lol. Actually, what I should do is tackle the many unfinished projects around the house, groan! Shari - You are doing so great with your weight loss - it is nice when your efforts pay off - good for you! And so glad that your friend's husband is doing so well. I remember back when my Dad has his quintuple bypass surgery - it was so new then that he had to go into Chicago to one of the big teaching hospitals to have it done. The recovery was hard and emotional but he knew that it saved his life and allowed him to be with us for many more years to come. Now they have make many improvements to the surgery and I think patients recover a bit faster. Jesus Christ Superstar was magnificent! I think it is my favorite production to date; the staging and casting were perfect for drawing you in - it was very emotional. Miranda - Happy Kings Day! I do like the Emerald Princess; it, of course, doesn't have all the latest snazzy venues and things of the Royal/Regal, but it is one of the great comfortable and classic Princess ships. We have been on the Island, Grand, Golden, Sapphire, Crown and Royal besides the Emerald, and looking forward to adding the Coral to our list. It's the weekend - hope everyone has fun plans....or no plans at all....whatever makes you happiest!
  8. Friday Food for Thought: "The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot."…

  9. Thanks Shari!
  10. I know you'd love it!
  11. Interesting article...I have yet to take a river cruise...think I would love it. Thanks, Jan...and thanks Amy!
  12. Have a great cruise Keith and Rita, and fun at Siesta Key! Have a great cruise, also, Steve!
  13. Sorry I missed this...Welcome back Miranda!
  14. Bon Voyage, Michael and Amy! Have a great cruise!
  15. Overseas #military threat or disaster, one of 1st questions asked by all @POTUS since WW2: "Where are the carriers?"

  16. Overseas #military threat or disaster, one of 1st questions asked by all @POTUS since WW2: "Where are the carriers?"

  17. Hi Everyone...a chilly day here today...high right now is only about 35 degrees, and windy. Tomorrow may be a bit better if it makes it to 52 and then Saturday at 53. It will come back down in temp until next Wednesday. Being a chilly spring so far. We did have a few nice days, weeks back, though. Spent a lot of time on FB yesterday. A very special friend of mine's husband had to have a quadruple heart surgery so I was keeping up on everything. He is doing very well last I heard...haven't been on FB yet, but all looked very good yesterday...I am so happy for them. He's a great guy, and she is a very special person. Love them both. They have a wonderful family, and some were keeping us up on the surgery and all. Not much to say for here...except getting excited for my youngest granddaughter for next week's First Holy Communion, and other news that I am down 16 pounds. Maybe it will go faster after I get back to exercise when I start PT. Andi...walking with Lucas and Pokémon hunting in nice weather sounds so great. Glad you didn't get the storms. So nice that you got together with your friend at White Castle. I was surprised when I went to our WC a ways back and found that it was all torn down...but then I saw a sign saying a new one was coming. That was last year so I had better go and see the new one...excited...spent 5 years of my young life working there...started at age 16...they even made me a "shift manager." Think I got an extra dime for that...LOL Hope you enjoy the musical, "Jesus Christ Superstar." Have always wanted to see that one. I'll be anxious to hear if your liked it. glad you had a nice time on your cruise, even though things were so different. That was really strange the way they did the formal nights. I have never been on a cruise where the formal night was not on a sea day. And it was different to have it again within two days. Happy King's Day to you! Enjoy the celebrations! Jan...Happy Birthday to Alex...I can't believe he is 4-years-old already...time is sure going by fast. He sure is a cutie. Rain and the grass...I love it when our grass gets so green and pretty. That helps me to be positive on the rainy days...I can think of how pretty our lawn will be...and the trees and flowers need rain. We are having our share these last few days...still wish it would warm up a bit, though. The getting away from the chair and computer is a big thing that I need to do. The weight may come off faster if I can move around more. Planning on going for PT again, soon, so hoping to be able to move better and start to walk more. Marylou...missing you...hope you are gaining strength and are able to get out more and enjoy the weather...hoping the weather is good, of course. Hi to all Cruise Crazies...hope it's a wonderful day for all, and a great weekend! God Bless!
  18. Wow! I think it's a great idea. When my daughter was young the only swimming places I could take her to was where they had lifeguards since I don't swim. Even if you do swim, it's always good to have someone trained to be watching over everyone.
  19. Oh I forgot. Happy King's day for all you Dutch out there
  20. THURSDAY, APRIL 27TH Good morning Crazies, Jan like Andi I do think you like the Royal/Regal Princess. I've never been on the Emerald, but I've been on the Crown, Star, Grand, Caribbean. So I'm sure I'll love the Emerald as well. Congrats on your little guy's birthday. I can imagine you love him to pieces. The canal cruise sounds great and the bites too. Andi don't worry, no shellfish in the fried stuff, but some typical Dutch things. I can't wait either, I am really looking forward to it and Martina is also excited to get to know all of you. She will be in Amsterdam at 11.30 already, so no problems there and I can go whenever I want and be on time, unless something happens on the way. Shari, thank you too. Hope you're doing fine! Hi to all Crazies, have a great day! Miranda
  21. Hi Everyone...spent too much time on FB today...will come back soon and catch up. Miranda...WELCOME BACK! Hi to Everyone...have a great evening...sleep well!
  22. .@ABCDesignated is the best show on TV. #DesignatedSurvivor

  23. Good Evening, Crazies! Had my White Castle lunch with my friend today and then hubby wanted Dairy Queen tonight......I guess I better get out and catch more Pokemon! Threatened to rain all day and we were supposed to have several waves of strong storms but have not seen any so far. Picked up Lucas from school and then later had book club. Tomorrow we go to our last show of the season under our subscriber plan. The production is Jesus Christ Superstar. I did not see that when it first came out so looking forward to our Paramount's adaptation, with an all-Black cast. Should be really good. Miranda - Glad you enjoyed the Majestic in spite of the oddities! I would eat at Alfredo's every day - I think it is a fabulous alternative....and....included in the fare - how much better can that be!? We would love the larger casino on that ship, but would miss the ice cream parlor and the varied shops. Have yet to be on the Regal, but we so enjoyed the Royal. Jan - I think you would really like the Royal/Regal ships of Princess. They just have such neat options for public venues and great food. The fried apps and Amsterdam platter sound mahvalous! I do have a significant allergy to shellfish, but it didn't sound like that would be an issue with these choices. Those times sound great, either 4 to 6 or 5 to 7! We are getting more excited by the day! Happy Birthday to Alex! I am finding that each age gets better and better, even though I have dreaded seeing him get older. Now, at almost 7, Lucas and I have great conversations about interesting things, including a love of books. Isn't it neat to see their interests and talents develop and their wonder at seeing and learning new things? Hope everyone has a great evening - the weekend is in sight!
  24. As a child, I read constantly about faraway places and that helped foster and grow my love for…

  25. As a child, I read constantly about faraway places and that helped foster and grow my love for…

  26. As a child, I read constantly about faraway places and that helped foster and grow my love for…

  27. @tease @Max_Greenberg6 I want this wth your cruise picture

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