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  1. Good morning and Happy Weekend! Miranda - Big news from Celebrity? I attended a meeting with a Celebrity rep a few weeks ago, and the big news was about the Celebrity Edge coming coming in December 2018? Could that be it? Other news was Millennium's recent makeover last month. Other than that, I'm stumped. When you find out something different, let me know, because I can't #CruiseChat on Wednesday afternoon. Just 35 days until our group cruise - I cannot wait to meet you all. Wow - 80's and 90's! I never thought it got that warm in your part of the world. Should we expect this in late July when we visit Amsterdam? Shari - Please send some of that cool, comfortable weather our way! Andi - Verizon FIOS is is a fiber optic network for receiving digital cable, wifi and phone service. We had been having trouble with TV and wifi connections, so we thought we'd give FIOS a try. The installation process turned out to be an ordeal, with the tech arriving at 9:30 am and not finishing until 10 pm. He encountered so many obstacles along the way, with the line on the street, inability to get the signal to the house, running the cable to the TV from the basement crawl space, and the poor tech was not getting much tech support. At one point, I saw the guy running out and climbing a ladder 3 times in order to configure codes and whatnot. At around 6 or 7 pm, I was really regretting our decision to switch. Finally, at 9:30 pm, everything was up and running. So far, everything is working well, and internet is much faster and stronger than cable, and I'm happy about that. I've complained to Verizon about the whole installation process, the fact that 1 guy was doing the work of 2 people, and the fact that I myself had to assist in getting the wire up through the basement because they wouldn't send help. Still waiting for some feedback. Gotta run ... today I'm hosting lunch at a restaurant with the family in honor of David's retirement. Have a great day!
  2. Mom traveling through Denver International Airport sees her breast milk tossed into the trash by airport security.

  3. Fantastic! Enjoy Alaska - it's an amazing place!
  4. Hawaii? Cool! What ship are you sailing? Our CruiseCrazies group will soon be cruising Norway!
  5. Hi everyone, Just checking in on this beautiful first day of summer and wishing I was outside enjoying it. Lots of my teacher friends are done for another school year, and you can hear the excitement in their "voices" on Facebook. Some are not only done for the year, but done forever. No more pencils, no more books ,,, David will be done "for good" Friday, but will be returning to direct the summer community band he's been charge of all these years. They asked him to put in one final season, and of course he couldn't say no. Unlike a lot of retired teachers I know, he's a bit apprehensive about the future, even though he's got lots of stuff planned. It's just such a big step for him. Tomorrow we are dumping our local cable company and installing Verizon FIOS. Since it could take hours, I'm taking the day off. I've heard mixed reviews about every internet/TV service provider, but I've heard the internet is much better than what we have now. Since we'll be paying less, we'll give it a go and see. Ed - stay out of the heat and stay cool. Any temp so hot to keep planes grounded is definitely TOO hot. Shari - the girls arrived safely back last night from Disney. Amanda stayed over because she had to work this morning, and I had to transport her back and forth because her car needs work. Her roommate drove back to the apartment to tend to the cats. Got wrap up a few things, so have a good night!
  6. Tuesday Travel Tips: Taking a road trip? A little advanced planning will make for a smooth ride. #roadtrip #travel

  7. Hi everyone, It's seasonally HOT here in our neck of the woods, and all I have to do is step into my office if I want to cool down - with a sweater and a heater!😳 At least the boss showed some mercy and turned off the fan over my desk, so now the frigid air isn't blasting me with the BIG CHILL! I actually like it when the whole thing breaks, which it often does. Still, compared to those of you in other far reaches of the country who are baking in the severe heat, I shouldn't complain. I'm picking up two tired girls from the airport later tonight. I can't believe it's been a week already since they left for Disney World. Shari - if we fly out of Providence, which is just 10 minutes away, we always either park & fly or get a ride from family. When we fly out of Boston, which can be a 1 or 2 hour trek, depending on the time of day, we hire a car - or if it's a short weekend trip, we might park it. You are right, private car hires are expensive, but SO worth it, and when we travel with my brother and his wife, we split the cost so it's less of a burden. Time to shuffle a few papers around before I leave for the day.
  8. Is it Monday morning already? I hope all you DADS had a wonderful Father's Day. We celebrated on Saturday when the kids and grandkids came for lunch, with the exception of Amanda, who FaceTimed Dad from somewhere in the "World" while standing in line for yet another Disney attraction. It's less than 3 weeks now until we leave for Seattle and the Alaska cruise. Our docs are printed, and now its time to start getting organized so I am not rushing around at the last minute. I also have to figure out how we're getting to the airport. It's only 10 minutes away, but we get back to Providence in the wee hours of the morning after the cruise, and I hate to ask my brother to pick us up at that un-Godly hour. I may invest in airport parking. Ray - I'm with you. We generally stay off any roads that head anywhere toward the beaches on weekends unless forced to. Even when we head to the Cape for our family beach vacations, we leave very early in the morning, and don't stop for breakfast until we're over the bridge, and then kill time at one of the many scenic places along the way until it's time to check into the cottages. Ed - Enjoy your final cruise across the pond. There are plenty of great cruise options to keep you busy here from the U.S. ports. If you don't have something lined up for next spring, perhaps you can join us on our CruiseCrazies Panama-Caribbean cruise aboard Coral Princess April 10, 2018, round trip from Ft. Lauderdale. Miranda - I don't think I've every had a flu in summer, but I have had my share of bad summer colds, some arriving mid-vacation. Nasty things!! I'm glad to hear yours was short-lived. I'm so glad we can include Martina in our group activities! Andi - I hope you had a nice birthday! Shari - I hope your PT and chiropractic treatments make you feel better. I know, they can feel like torture before they make you feel like you've made any progress. Saturday night, we met David's administrative assistant and her husband at a local restaurant, followed by dessert and coffee at our house. David has always had a policy of not socializing personally with his staff, so now that he will be retiring, there are definitely some of those who we do consider friends. His assistant, Felicia, and her husband are the nicest people, and it was nice to see them outside of the educational arena. Time to run. Have a great day!
  9. #fridayfoodforthought #travelquotes #7seajourneys

  10. Good morning - Yesterday morning, I dropped Amanda and a friend off at the airport, at 4:30 am, for their week at Disney. I dispensed my travel agent/mom advice and sent them on their way with wristbands and passes. Amanda didn't inherit my love of pre-planning itineraries. She and her friends didn't do much with Disney's preplanning tools, so I have a feeling there will be a lot of wasted time in lines - like the 2 hours they spent today awaiting a ride in the new Pandora. She has called and Facetimed twice, and it looks like they are having fun. Andi - We had a Kennedy here in RI for a number of years as a state congressional rep., Teddy's boy, Patrick. Patrick had his share of alcohol and drug problems, which made good tabloid fodder during his tenure here. He has since gotten help, gotten married, had a few kids and now lives in New Jersey. Shari - The heaviest A/C unit is stored on a rolling chair, so I can roll it to the window and lift it the few inches to the window. It's more of a chore to drag the smaller one out of the closet (I do drag it on a carpet across the floor). Because it has to be lifted from the floor, and I don't wish to throw out my back this close to cruising, I wait until I have another pair of hands. Ray, Miranda and Andi - Our dinner at Pinnacle Grill is all arranged for August 5th at 5:30 pm (6:00 pm was not available for whatever reason). We will be a party of 12, including Martina. It'll be a nice way to bid farewell until we meet again.🙂 Time to call it a week and head home. Have a good night!
  11. Tuesday's Travel Tip: Make efficient use of bag space - roll your clothes for packing. #tuesdaytraveltip #packing

  12. Good morning, Summer has rolled in with temps in the 90's yesterday and today, which is fine as long as I don't have to spend time in the sun. I wrestled the AC unit into the window upstairs over the weekend so that little Will could take his nap in comfort, and apparently it worked, because he slept for 2 hours. I won't bother with the unit for the window in the room across the hall because it most likely won't get used anyway. That leaves the unit for our bedroom window, which I will probably install today. My friend Joyce and I had a nice ride out to the casino for the Neil Diamond concert. We enjoyed an early dinner/late lunch ("Lupper) at an Irish bar, did a little window shopping, and played a few slots. Thankfully, Joyce is not much of a gambler, so we didn't spend much time there. I went in there with a $20 and came out with $45. It's probably the first time I've ever come out with more money than I went in with. Neil Diamond may be 76 years old, and though he looks a bit tired and weathered, he proved he's still got what it takes to entertain a packed arena of devoted fans. This is my 4th Diamond concert, and as in the past, he does the entire show with no intermission, nearly 2 1/2 hours. He's backed by an incredible band and backup singers, and in fact featured them on their own jazz number. His repertoire consisted of most of his early music going back to his first on the charts, "Solitary Man" . The big screen showed photos from his childhood in Brooklyn through his early career days which singing "Brooklyn Roads" and "Shiloh" (a personal favorite of mine). Andi - I, too, am undecided about Krone in Norway. Most of the shops and restaurants where we will be take credit cards, so it's just some of the smaller vendors that may only take cash. There are ATM machines in or near every port, so you can always get cash when you arrive - which is probably how I will approach this. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Jon Legend. If he were to finish off his concert without "All of Me", I would have been very disappointed. Shari - Yes, it was sad about Kristin's friend's dad. He also happened to be a client of mine. He and his wife are such nice and thoughtful people, and in fact gave me a high chair to use for the kids when they visit and a bin full of legos and a train set for our "toy corner". He will be missed. Your aunt and her missing purse reminds me of Amanda. She loses a lot of things in between and under the car seats all the time. Whenever she can't find something, I always tell her to check her car. She's even found paychecks there! I got back from the Casino very early this morning, so gave myself the day off. I'm picking up Amanda this afternoon and going to another retirement party for David, then she's coming back here later with her roommate to stay over so I can deliver them to the airport at about 4:30 am for their flight to Orlando and their week at Disneyworld. Have a great day!
  13. Good morning, I'm heading to Mohegan Sun Casino today with my BFF for an afternoon of slots, food, fun ... and Neil Diamond. It's a beautiful and HOT summer day - much better spent at the beach or on the water - but we want to get there early for the crowds, and if I can win a little $$$ in the process, even better. We won't be back until well after midnight, so I'll have to keep the free casino drinks to a minimum, since I'm driving. Ed - Enjoy your Baltics cruise. We booked that one once, but had to cancel for one reason or another. What ship have you chosen? Tell us all about it when you return. I agree with Ray. Even though credit cards are pretty much accepted everywhere, it's always nice to have a few dollars in local currency for the locals, either brought from home or obtained from an ATM machine abroad. Andi & Miranda - I loved Wonder Woman. It was very well done, with good story line, top-notch acting (and Chris Pine is VERY easy on the eyes) and awesome special effects. I haven't seen all the DC Comics that have been brought to screen, but I hear it's the best one featuring a female super hero. The house is now straightened up after the "tornado" called "Alex & Will" came blowing through yesterday. Jenn was here to help, which I was eternally grateful for, since little William is into everything now, requiring two sets of eyes. No one wanted to play outside since it was too hot, and the shade hadn't reached the patio, and the A/C made the house very comfortable. Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!
  14. Good morning, I've got a busy day here today, with the kids staying here while their parents attend a funeral for the dad of a friend. Later, the plan is to catch Wonder Woman at the theater, if the kids haven't sucked the life out of me.😳 Tomorrow night, a girlfriend and I are driving to a Neil Diamond concert in Connecticut. Andi - I love John Legend, and I hope you enjoy the concert. I'm betting there will be more younger people in the mix than a Neil Diamond concert. Gotta run - have a great day!
  15. Miranda, Of course, we'll be happy to include Martina. Pinnacle Grill charges $39 per person. No rush. I'll reserve space for 12, and we can adjust later. I hope the weather up your way will be ideal, but, as always, I'll be prepared for anything. I'll probably just dump the contents of the Alaska luggage into the washer and repack it for Norway.🙂