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  1. Hi everyone, The cold front blew in just as I was driving to the office this morning, accompanied by hail, snow and cold, gusty winds. It was quite freaky, actually! Tonight we could see wind chills in the negative numbers, so I'll keep the flannels out just a little longer. Andi - you are right, of course. I meant to say 2019. The Edge is currently booking December 2018 through April of 2019. The zoo sounds perfect for a day with the little man. We keep trying to hook up with our little men, but we only have weekends, and either they are busy or we are. Alex's 4th birthday is coming up at the end of April. I hope I don't have to wait until then. Ray - congratulations on finishing your novel. Will you be signing autographs in Amsterdam? Let's throw out some ideas for a 2019 group!
  2. Interesting photo rendition. Put some wings on that thing, and it'll be a floating jet, ready for a sea-to-air takeoff at a moment's notice.
  3. Good afternoon, Spring has sprung here, at least until tomorrow, when the cold and wind chill move back in. Hopefully, the arctic blast will be short lived, and we'll soon be able to put our winter coats away for good. Ray - Kevin and Grace are lucky to have you help with expenses in Amsterdam and Norway, just as Jenn and Amanda are equally lucky that I am doing the same for a portion of their Alaska cruise, as well. I've taken a page from your Crazies editing tips and started copying and pasting a few words of text from my previous post so that I can keep the same font and formatting, the only way to do it on a mobile device, it seems. Andi - I hope you get your cruise booked on the Edge for 2019. Speaking of 2019, maybe it's time to start throwing some group cruise ideas out there ... Almost time to head home for the night. Have a good one!
  4. Miranda - this site is still a little quirky with posting, especially on my iPhone, I came to find out when my Sunday post was completely missing. Fortunately, it still shows up on my iPad. Celebrity Edge looks amazing! Everyone else must think so, too, because space is limited right through 2018!
  5. Spring has sprung! #happyspring #manhattan #springnyc

  6. Good morning! It's a gray, cold day, and the predicted snow went to bother someone else, which is fine by me. My plan yesterday was to re-organize my desk (and therefore my life), but Amanda called and said she and her roomie couldn't get tickets for the new Beauty and the Beast movie at the theatre near her, and would I mind going to get them at the theatre near me, meeting me in 30 minutes. So what the heck, I dropped everything and got the last of the tickets for a flick starting in 20 mins. By the time they got they got there, the only seats left were the neck-strain seats in the front. Actually, I think it was all a ploy to get me to pay. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and look forward to seeing it again when I can see the whole screen. Today is the spring musical at David's school, his last one. This year the kid's chose "Pirates of Penzance," an odd choice for a high school production, and a show I haven't seen since he directed a light-opera company many years ago. I'll have to re-read the show notes before I go; otherwise, I'll be lost. Ray - we're not surrounded by woods here so don't have a need for a chainsaw. On those rare occasions when we do, I call my big brother to come with his. Not that we don't have trees - for a small yard, we have quite a few. Any twigs that fall eventually get scooped up in the fall or spring clean up that the landscaper does. What a waste, huh? Miranda - I don't think I've ever slept until 11:00 am. I wonder what it's like? Shari - Thanks for coming by despite your arm pain. I hope it feels better soon. Andi - Everyone needs a good goof-off day. My day-off Fridays over the winter have been like that. I hope once the weather warms up, I'll be more productive and use my free time more efficiently. Enjoy your Sunday!
  7. Is Alaska on your bucket list? Enjoy the new YouTube video from Princess Cruises and start planning for 2018:

  8. Good morning and Happy St. Patrick's Day to all my Irish friends! I am a smidge Irish on my mom's side, so I am taking part in the wearing of the green and the corned beef 'n cabbage currently in the crock - since the bishop has given us the green light to skip fish for today. Sun has returned, at least for a few days, but it's still below freezing, and the icey snow chunks aren't going anywhere. Ray - Congrats on getting the taxes done. Our tax man, a.k.a brother-in-law is doing ours next weekend, so we have a week to get our papers and figures together. My fridge cleaning today was done for a different purpose - to eliminate the science experiments taking place way in the back of beyond. My bottom drawer freezer seemed like a good idea at the time, but it's turned out to be too small for anything other than weekly groceries and an ice bucket. You won't find us swinging an axe or firing up a chainsaw for firewood, resorting instead to a delivery dropped in huge pile in the middle of the driveway. Hope everyone is having a great Friday!🙂
  9. My brother had a big crush on her and had posters of her everywhere.[emoji3] It's hard to find a cruise now with a big name solo star. NCL has great shoes! Sent from my iPhone using CruiseCrazies mobile app
  10. Me, too, Larry. I like to watch from the sidelines[emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using CruiseCrazies mobile app
  11. Good afternoon! I won't lie, it's nasty outside. It could be much worse, though. The rain-snow line has moved up, and now we're enduring wind driven ice and rain, but at least keeping the snow total down. I've got a blazing fire going and, in fact, had to find a cooler place to sit because it's TOO hot. We've reached the end of the wood pile, where the oldest, longest and driest pieces sat, making for a rip-roaring fire box. I'm spending the day working on a few new prospects and hand holding a group of young ladies in Punta Cana hoping to make their way home to NYC tomorrow. Ray - Go slow on the ice! Congrats on learning the twitter lingo. It took me a long time before I figured out what a hashtag was. Andi - I know what you mean about Twitter. I don't really get it, but hope to figure it out. Maybe Ray can show us what he learned! Have a good afternoon, whatever the day brings!
  12. Good afternoon! Schools are already canceled, parking bans are in effect, work and the courts are closed tomorrow, and more importantly we stocked up on wine! How much we're supposed to get depends on which forecaster you listen to - anywhere from 8 to 18 inches, starting some time overnight. Andi - Any Twittering I appear to be doing is the result of posts shared from Instagram or Facebook. I only actually log in when I get notifications that someone is following me. I could never get the hang of tweeting, but I'm going to make a better effort of connecting. Chicago does look like fun around St. Patty's Day despite the traffic. Miranda - I did take notice of your sharing my Koningsdam tweets - thank you for that! Glad to see someone is noticing them.😊 MaryLou - thinking of you ... ❤️️ Shari - Jenn has an average size top freezer fridge. She doesn't keep it very well stocked, so she would probably do fine with a simple one person plan. Honestly, I don't have much faith that she'd stick with it. I'll have to take a look. Time to go home, surround myself with a comfy quilt, pour a glass of wine and await the blizzard.😬
  13. Don't forget to turn your clocks ahead tonight.😊#springforward #daylightsavings

  14. Good morning! We're finishing up our time here in Boston today. Normally, I like to go out and check out the town while he's in meetings, but the weather is not cooperating. It snowed all day yesterday, ranging from a light shower of flakes to a full-blown, white-out squall. Last night, a blustery wind-driven snow blew in as we walked across the street for dinner on icy sidewalks. This morning, the wind chill is well below zero, so I'm hanging out here in the room until checkout, when we'll head for the comforts of home. I'd love to say spring is around the corner, but first we need to get through a nor'easter next week which is forecasting snow measured in FEET, not inches!😮 Miranda - Now that I've discovered the world of Instagram and how to properly hashtag, I may join you at #cruisechat on Twitter. My user name is @7seajourneys, which I think you already know. I wish you would come over to Facebook so you can follow my facebook page @Seven Sea Journeys and join my group, @Simply Travel. Plus, I've got event pages for both our group cruises. See what you're missing? Shari - how much food comes in those nutrisystem deliveries? Will it fit in a home with just one fridge? Andi - I hope you're keeping warm, no matter what activities you've got planned today. Ray - What do you say - is there another Viking ocean or river cruise in your future? Have a great Saturday!
  15. What sets Viking Ocean ships apart from all the rest? Why is Viking Ocean a great value? Get the answers in this latest article from Travel Pulse. The Seven Reasons Why Everyone Should Cruise on Viking Sky: The newest ship by Viking Ocean Cruises, Viking Sky, recently set sail in the Mediterranean, and I got a chance to check out what everyone has been raving about with this 2-year-old line that has emerged as a force in ocean cruising. Continue reading ...