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September Dates To Remember

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Now, all you Crazies, you have no excuse for forgetting these, "oh, so important," dates for this month.

Back to School

05 Be Late Today Day

06 Labor Day

11 Patriot Day

12 Grandparents Day

15 Women's Friendship Day

14-16 Rosh Hashanah

16-22 Singles Week

25 Yom Kippur

17 Citizenship Day

17 Constitution Day

19 World Peace Day

21 Proposal Day

22 Elephant Appreciation Day

23 Good Neighbor Day

24-30 Dogs Week

27 Native American Day

Of course, I expect a greeting card from each and every one of you for all of these celebrations.... :grin: :grin: :grin:

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Gotta do something....

Cooped up in the house, with the windows all shuttered up! Dark & dreary.... Getting tired of watching the hurricane news over, and over, and over....since the storm isn't changing or moving. What better place to be then with my CruiseCrazies friends, to keep me comopany?

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Hmmm. It's a good thing that ProposalDay is after World Peace Day. I'm not sure that these two days are compatible. :grin:


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Thanks for the reminders, Jeff. Iriscruiser, I just added your anniversary to our calendar. :cool:

I don't think that Good Neighbors Day would be so good if it followed 30 Dogs Week. Good think it comes first. Hmmmm.

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