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Hurricane Frances update from South Florida

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Have you ever heard of a hurricane inching up to the coast at 4 MPH and then becoming stationary?! That perfectly describes Frances, this stubborn hurricane that doesn't want to move! What a patience tester.

Anyways, the wind has picked up since earlier today, loud gusts can be heard almost constantly. The gigantic palm trees not too far from our hosue are swaying in the wind - Its amazing they havent toppled over yet. Some friends living in my general neighborhood are without electricity, and the wind is too strong for FPL to continue repairing the power lines, so work has been suspended. The TV went out about an hour ago, and hasn't been back since.

A couple hours ago, we heard a loud bang, and discovered a tree on the side of our next door neighborhor's house snapped, with the branches and entire tree now completely on our side of the house, with it partly on top of our patio roof.

The worst supposedly should be coming late night/early tomorrow morning. Will keep you posted.

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Glad to hear your still Ok Jason and family......we're hanging in here too in Central Florida. Getting pretty scary when those squalls hit. Lots of power outages around us so I'm afraid this might be the last transmission from us.

Tree branches already damaged by Charley already down and the trees are bending in half. Its pretty strange......calm and serene one minute then a downpour and winds gusting to 50's and 60's MPH.

Stay safe Floridians. We continue to pray this storm would just go........sitting still is a very bad thing.......

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Glad to hear you're ok too. This is sooo crazy. We've been shuttered in the house since Wednesday and now it's Sunday. This is just unbelievable. Neighborhoods in our development are without electricity but we still have ours- for now , at least. We did lose our cable tv tonight. There are lots of trees down . In fact, our neighbor's tree fell over onto our patio roof and the side of our patio but I don't think it caused any damage. Just hang in there, rose, and hopefully we'll be done with Frances soon. Take care of yourself and family. Hugs, Cheryl

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