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9 Carnival ships stuck out in the Gulf, waiting

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I hope all 9 of those Carnival ships sitting in the Gulf have enough food and supplies to last until they can return to the Port of Miami, and Port Everglades.

The bottom of the tv flashed the message saying that they are hoping the 9 ships will have the opportunity to sail back into port tomorrow (Monday) morning, at the earliest. That must be a sight to see all 9 ships out in the same area of the Gulf, and all 9 returning in a flotilla, all anxious to return to Miami.

If you are one of our several members going on a Carnival cruise, the best thing to do would be to keep checking with the cruise line, for the most up-to-date information about your cruise.

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Don't forget all the other ships sitting out there waiting. I read on CC that the Majesty of the Seas went into Miami on Thursday to drop passengers off, but also let anyone stay on board no charge who didn't have anywhere to go once they were off the ship. Amazingly only 700 stayed on board. I imagine most people who were from the Florida area on the ship probably wanted to get home and take care of things before the storm, while anyone travelling probably felt like they would be better off on the ship out of harms way, instead of trying to find a hotel to keep couped up in during the storm. I had read that the captain of Majesty said it would be minimal services on board (no shows, and very little else going on), but there would be food, and no doubt the casino would be open.

I had read another ship, doing a short itinerary, was going to stop in Galveston to replenish supplies, but otherwise was just staying out until Monday or Tuesday.

Then there's the Carnival Glory out of Port Canaveral. It left there last Saturday (Aug 28th) on a 7 day cruise, and won't be back until Tuesday the 7th. I wonder if those people get credit for a 11 day cruise in their past cruiser program LOL.

I feel for the people who should be boarding a ship this weekend, and will be getting much shorter cruises, but some are getting pretty sweet compensation, especially on RCI. $500 per stateroom credit, plus 50% off a future cruise. I'd take that deal.

Hopefully all our Floridians on the board are safe, and have had or will have very little disruption to their lives as the storm goes by.

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