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Floridians Please Check In

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Cheryl and Jason, and Jeff, and gymbrat, and Slainte, BoatrideLover, Rose, and all Floridians, please let us know that you are o.k.

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Cheryl and Jason here in South Florida

Dear Shari,

Thank you so much for your concern. We are just fine. The hurricane is past us now. Life can finally get back to normal today. I just wish the same could be said for the rest of Florida. I hope the other Florida Crazies will let us know how they are doing. I'm just praying everyone is OK. Hugs, Cheryl

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Cheryl...so glad you and Jason and the family are o.k. I hope you didn't have any damage. This was one big storm.

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Mercifully, Hurricane Frances turned out to be nothing more than a major inconvenience (spelled, ‘p-a-i-n i-n t-h-e b-u-t-t’) to many of us, here in South Florida. Most unfortunately, it was a lot worse for our neighbors to the north… I didn't suffer any major damage; lost a tree in the back yard, which I wasn't paricularly attached to, and the landscaping looks lousy. But, it will grow back...

My son came over to help put up the shutters, and batten down the hatches, on Friday, which took about two hours. I lost power shortly thereafter and didn’t get it back until about an hour ago.

Without power, no TV, no computer, nothing! Just a portable radio, Marley and browie.

The storm sat over us for 36 hours, and I suffered a major case of Cabin feaver. The wind was howling and the rain pounding against the shutters. Not much lightening and thunder, surprisingly, so marley was OK.

The weather finally broke last night, and I was able to get out for a few hours.

Came home to a very warm house….

Woke up early and took down the shutters, etc; Did some general cleaning up; another three hours shot!

Anyway, after what I went through with Andrew, this was a “piece of cake.†Better safe than sorry!

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Rose checking in from Central Florida. We're all doing well. Spent a lot of time in our safe room due to tornados but we all made it. We were going nuts trying to pass the time but amazingly this time we had power!!! Would have checked in sooner but we had to unhook the computer and get it on high ground and just finished putting it up again.

Can we fast forward please to September 22????? I really need a break but I don't see that coming with Ivan heading for us again.

Glad to hear from many of our crazies that they are OK.

Looks like you get an extra day off Jason.......

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