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Are all swimming pools unheated & saltwater?

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We sailed on the Ecstacy this past summer and I can't tell you how disappointed I was to find out that the pools were more like above ground tanks filled with cold saltwater.

Even if I could have got my 2 kids into that pool I would have had to perch up on the side to be able to see them. A mom sitting in a deck chair could not actually see their kid down in the pool because of the pool being more like an above ground tank than a pool. I guess that the pools are set up that way so that in rough seas--water doesn't splash out on the deck but still....I had pictured myself sitting in a deck chair reading a book and still being able to keep an eyeon my girls while they play in the pool.


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Hi gsacct, and welcome to CruiseCrazies.

I know that saltwater pools bother lots of people, but I really don't mind. I do know that all of the Princess ships have freshwater pools, and I understand that Royal Caribbean is going to change to fresh water also.

Write often. This is a very friendly board.


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My four year old granddaughter has not even noticed the water is salt water. She only noticed when the pool was cold. She has so much fun that and we can hardly get her out of the water to even eat lunch.

She loves her cruises. She's booked with us again for her fifth cruise in three years!! :smiley:

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gsacct and CUCruising, welcome aboard. Hope to see you posting often and hope to get to know you.

We started cruising when my daughter was 3 years old and I can relate to what you're saying about the pool. It wasn't the saltwater that was the problem, although she did get sea lice bites on a couple of cruises, but it is very difficult to see your kids in the pool unless your'e right there with them. For that reason, we sat by the kiddie pool and pulled our chairs right up to the pool. I just remembered that she loved the camp program on Carnival so much that she spent a lot of time there with the other kids and preferred that to being in the pool with us watching her. That camp program is what has kept us on Carnival all these years.

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I have noticed over the years that the older ships pools look more like tubs where as the newer ones have a different approach. Remember, they have got to have something to keep the water from splashing out onto the deck in rough seas.

Best way to find out if the cruise you are interested in has an exceptable pool is to go to one of the virtual tour sites and get a 360* view of the pool area. That will let you know if you are going to have a big tub or a nice pool area.

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