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Leno's Late Night Funnies

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From Jay Leno

- Well I’m sure you all heard the good news – President Clinton’s heart operation was a complete success and he’s expected to make a full recovery. He’s really doing well. In fact, he’s up and walking. In fact today Clinton was seen roaming the building with his hospital gown on backwards. He’s back!

The doctors said, this is an amazing after open heart surgery, that Clinton could leave the hospital in four to five days. Although he told Hillary "I’m gonna be here for about three months.”

Bush is up 10 points, 11 points. Doesn’t look good. Not only is Bush ahead overall, he’s also ahead in a lot of key issues like Iraq, terrorism and the economy. But Kerry is ahead on grammar and pronunciation, and overall nuance.

John Kerry has a new theme to his campaign, he says the "W” in George W. Bush stands for "wrong”. The wrong direction, the wrong policy. Gee I wonder if Bush will say the "F” in John "F” Kerry stands for "flip-flop”. Are these guys running for president of the 8th grade?

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