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Recently, one of one board members, “hazelson†(Jennifer), posted a very interesting question; “Why do kamikaze pilots wear helmets?â€Â

Being the silly posters we can sometimes be, we responded in kind:

Q: What did the instructor at the school for Kamikaze pilots say to his students?

A: Watch closely. I'm only going to do this once.

Why do they sterilize the site of a lethal injection?

Why do the doors on stores that "never close" have locks on them?

How come we drive on the parkway, and park in the driveway???

I still don't know why a package going by ship is called cargo, and why something going by road is called a shipment.

Here are a few more….

Why are boxing rings are square?

Why do noses run and feet smell?

Why do we teach our children not to play in the street, but we sell ice cream from a moving truck?

Why don't sheep shrink when it rains?

There must be a zillion more, so, let’s see what we can come up with….

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Why would you go to a doctor if you are only going to be part of his practice. Let me know when the practice is over, and the game starts.


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Why do the keys at our bank's drive-up ATM also include Braille??

Why do banks leave the vault door open and chain the pens to the counter??

BTW: Did you hear about the Kamakazee Pilot who completed 50 Missions??

He had an insincere death wish! :wink:

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