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Another Worm warning

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If You Get This E-Mail, Delete It ASAP

There's a new PC worm that's making the rounds, and while it is rated as a low risk (for now) by the antivirus companies, it has to be rated as one of the creepiest viruses ever. ZDNet reports that the so-called Amus worm uses the Windows Speech Engine that is embedded on Windows XP to play this disturbing message:

"How are you. I am back. My name is Mr. Hamsi. I am seeing you. Haaaaaaaa. You must come to Turkey. I am cleaning your computer. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. 0. Gule gule."

Because "gule gule" means "bye-bye" in Turkish, the virus experts think this worm may originate from Turkey. It is spread automatically through an e-mail that is titled "Listen and Smile." If you receive such an e-mail, delete it immediately.

The worm does more than speak to its victims.

It launches after the Windows XP boot-up music has played and then gets busy deleting certain files and causing Windows XP to fail. It also changes Internet Explorer's home page settings.

"It might be confusing to users because it says 'I am seeing you,'" Mikko Hypponen, director of antivirus research for F-Secure, told ZDNet. "It's the only (worm) I have found speech on, but it is not too advanced because it is written in Visual Basic."

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Who makes up all these wonderful "worms" and "viruses"? Wish they would get a life. If they have the brains to cause so much chaos it's too bad they can't use their gray matter to do some good. Just my humble rant lol. Thanks for posting the warning Keith and Rita - I will be watching for it. TTFN Jennifer

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