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Princess Promotion

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Hey All,

Yesterday, while I was checking my e-mail an e-mail from Princess popped up on my screen. It was from the Princess website. It was the one with the Cruise Personalizer etc. Well I started looking at topics. Anyhow I clicked on something or another, and it said "DASH FOR CASH" register to win a $150 onboard credit. The first 100 individuals to view their account had the opportunity to be a winner. They will announce the winners on Monday via e-mail and the winners names will also be posted in the Circle Center Online under www.princess.com. I sure hope my fingers were fast enough!

Did anyone else respond to this PROMOTION?

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Ahoy Cruisers,

Forgot to tell you I WON Dash for Cash. Yes, I am the proud recipent of $150 cool bucks sitting in my Princess Circle Member account. The best news is we sail in 9 days on the Sapphire so I am going to spend them! Yeah! I am VERY HAPPY!!! :grin:

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