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Hurricane Ivan

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Well Ivan made it to N.Y. It was horrible. Thankfully in my immeadiate area we did not experience any problems. But about a mile down the road was flooded with about 14 inches. My son went to see in the jeep. About 10 miles northwest of me started all the destruction. Here is an article from the local paper.

$10M trail of destruction

By Victor Whitman

Times Herald-Record


Monticello – Sullivan County has suffered more than $10 million in damage from Hurricane Ivan, according to preliminary reports from town supervisors.

But that number is expected to rise as more residents and businesses report back to the towns this week, officials say.

"This is just unbelievable," said Highland Supervisor Allan Schadt.

"We're looking at $3 million for just the houses."

The worst hit areas were along the 65-mile stretch of the Delaware River corridor from Long Eddy to the Orange County line and the interior town of Rockland in northern Sullivan County.

The southern river town of Highland was particularly hard hit and is reporting $1.6 million in damage to roads, Schadt said.

But that's only the start of the town's problems.

Some 64 home owners have reported damage, which could top $1.8 million. The total of private property loss could swell to $3 million because another 90 home owners with damage to their homes have not yet reported to the town, Schadt said.

The Cedar Rapids Inn in Barryville has $500,000 in damage, and the Shohola bridge contractor, Fahs-Roston, lost about $500,000 in equipment. Kittatinny Campgrounds also has damage.

Rockland sustained $1.25 million in damage to roads and town property, and had widespread flooding in Roscoe and Livingston Manor, Supervisor Pat Pomeroy said.

The county may have to replace two bridges in Highland and two in Tusten at a cost of $250,000 to $750,000 per bridge, county Public Works Commissioner Pete Lilholt said.

In Livingston Manor, four homes were destroyed and a dozen were badly damaged. Four families are homeless, and the town is concentrating on finding long-term housing for one family, which can't rebuild, Pomeroy said.

The Roscoe Motel and Roscoe Campsite combined sustained roughly $400,000 in damage.

Other towns were hit hard.

Lumberland has $500,000 in road damage and roughly $1 million in private property damage, Supervisor John LiGreci said. The towns of Callicoon and Tusten also reported more than $1 million each in damage.

In Hankins in the Town of Fremont, 35 camper vans were swept into the Delaware River from the Red Barn Campgrounds and 20 others were damaged.

In Delaware, the town lost $40,000 pounds of sand at the town barn.

The towns of Bethel and Cochecton also reported damage.

Gov. George Pataki has not yet requested that President Bush issue a federal disaster declaration for the areas affected by Saturday's storm. The State Emergency Management Office expects to turn over the damage estimates to the governor's office on Friday.

A federal declaration would clear the way for municipalities and individuals to apply for FEMA loans and grants.

Just thought you might be interested.

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As hard as that was to read, thank you for sharing. We spent many summers in Livingston Manor... it was like a second home during my childhood.

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I live about a mile from the Delaware River in PA, and there was quite a bit of damage around me (not nearly what happened in NY). There were lots of people evacuated from bothe the PA and the NJ side of the river. The damage was extensive. We didn't get much rain at all from the storm, but the floods came from up-river in NY.


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Well, Ivan, now a Tropical Storm, has come all the way back to Florida, entered the Gulf of Mexico and is headed for the Texas/Louisiana coast!

Meanwhile, Hurricane Jeanne, which was supposed to turn north before reacing the U.S. is headed straight for the east coast of Florida and is expected to make landfall, this weekend, anywhere from Miami to Jacksonville.

In addition, Karl is right behind Jeanne.....


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With all the devastation here in Florida, I didn't realize that N.Y. had so much damage. I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm glad to know that you are all OK. I can't believe that Ivan is still around and that now we have to worry about Jeanne. I can't even bear to think about Karl out there. I'm just praying for everyone's safety .

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I can't remember a year that has been this bad in along time. Up here we usually only get high winds and some remnant rain from the hurricanes, Not this year we are getting flooding in places where we have never had problems before. Please let it end soon.

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