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Hope your new Job treats you well Dacruznut

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Thanks, Rose! I'm taking my "lunch break," right now, and thought I'd check-in...

The old expression still holdsa true, "When it rains, it pours."

After several months of searching, with no luck, I'm now getting 3-4 calls a week! All sorts of offers. Gonna stay where I am, for now.

As I have always held, even out of the worst situations, some good can often be found. While the last 3 hurricanes have been horrible, to many people, they have done some good for others. Every adjuster I know, who has been looking for work, has now found it! Many businesses, barely surviving, are doing very well. Construction workers, building supply factories and retailers, all over the country, are profiting and the "unemployment rate," here in Florida, is dropping....

I am not so sure how this balances out, bad vs. good, but, al least, it isn't all bad!

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