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cruise ships to stop at Newport?

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Could cruise ships stop at Newport?

By Joel Gallob Of the News-Times

The idea seemed to bring with it high costs and uncertainties, but it was certainly not sunk last week when the Port of Newport met in a "strategic planning session" to discuss if cruise ships - a growing industry - might want to dock at Newport.

The port commissioners on Friday asked port manager Don Mann and his staff look into the possibility of attracting a cruise line to dock at the port. That could, they felt, provide an economic stimulus to the town. But it should be pursued, said commissioner Goblirsch, only "as long as it does not displace existing industries."

Mann agreed with that.

"Where would they dock?" asked commissioner Mathews. Mann replied "no place," as there is currently no moorage big enough for the large vessels.

"They got to tie up somewhere," said Mathews. "They bring huge sewage infrastructure costs," noted Jincks. "Others would make money off it. We'd get a moorage fee. This could be a joint proposal."

"The chamber is interested," said Goblirsch. "If they're interested," said Jinks, "spread the pain to them." "I would not spend time building a partnership if we're not interested," said Mann.

"If a cruise ship could tie up at Port Dock One, great," said Jincks. "Maybe the city could finance running a sewage line out there," he suggested, and if the chamber wants to see cruise ships in Newport, they, too, could find ways to help. "So the idea is pursue more information based on a partnership?" asked Mann.

With a nodding of heads around him, Mann said, "OK, I've got a direction."

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Are the talking about Newport, Rhode Island? Ships do call there, but I believe they have been anchoring and tendering.

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