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Found My Cabin (Booked Guarantee)Yay Upgrade Fairy

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Well, with 54 days until we leave for our trip, I found our cabins. I have been using the BookModify Method everyday for awhile now, but it still says OV Guarantee. So, I had some time on my hands tonight and decided to go back to my old Kelly Method. It only took me 30 minutes to find my cabin which I will be sailing in with my stepbrother. We booked an Oceanview Guarantee on the Miracle back in September of last year (did this purposely knowing there was only 1 deck of oceanview cabins, after that it's on to balconies). We have been upgraded 3 categories and are now in Cabin 5242 - an 8B Balcony! :grin: I am so happy! I'm happy to just be on the ship, no matter where my cabin is, but having the Upgrade Fairy visit is a nice bonus.

I also was able to find my Dad & Stepmom's cabin (he booked the cruise for us). They booked an inside guarantee, and although they were only upgraded one category to a 4B (which we kinda figured they would still end up with an inside cabin due to the fact that insides go all the way up to 4E), the people at Carnival were nice enough to put them across the hall and down 5 cabins from us in Cabin 5271. So, they can just walk across the hall and come share our balcony with us!


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Explain Exactly<] how to do this "Kelly" method. I have heard about it quite frequently but have no idea how to do it. Does this only work with Gar. cabins or can you see if you have been upgraded if you booked a specific cabin?

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zima - what you do is go to Carnival's website and log in. Then you go to the gifts and services page and choose an item (any item) as if you are going to order it for your cruise. You have to put in your booking number and stateroom number. So you will need the deck plans of your ship. Then you just start putting in random cabin numbers (I always start a category or 2 higher than the guarantee I booked, especially this time since I booked 14 months in advance of the cruise) - when you click submit, if you do NOT have the right cabin number, it will say "Invalid Booking and/or Stateroom Number". You just keep putting in cabin numbers until it pops up with the message that tells you they are sorry, you can not order online with a guarantee booking and you need to call the toll free number that they give you to place an order. I have heard that others, when finding their stateroom sometimes still get to see their actual names of the people in the cabin pop up, so that is a possibility too. This is more for people that book a guarantee, as they are the ones that usualyy get upgraded. When you book a specific cabin, Carnival usuallly won't upgrade you as they figure you booked a specific cabin for a reason. They will usually contact you or your TA to see if you want an upgrade before they give it to you. But, it has happened before where you just get upgraded without knowing when booking a specific cabin, so anything is possible. If you book a specific cabin, I would recommend doing the Kelly Method, but starting with the cabin you booked, and just see what it tells you. If it tells you invalid Booking and/or Stateroom number, you have probably been upgraded.

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Thank you - I am soooo excited. Last cruise, we were upgraded to a 9A Aft wraparound balcony and I fell in love with it. So, it's nice to know I can wake up in the morning and step outside my room onto the balcony and enjoy the ocean air while the sun rises.

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We have a guarantee balcony on this coming cruise. We had one on our last cruise, also. We were not upgraded then, and although I do not expect one, it would be nice. This cruise is sold out though, so I'm only hoping that we don't get the worst cabin in the balcony catagory. :grin: I don't mind being forward or aft, so the worst would only be by something noisy, I think. lol

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