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Good People....Bad People....

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As I have previously said, I am an Insurance Adjuster. Recently, my tasks have been limited to taking reports of new claims from hurricane victims, here in Florida. It's a very depressing job, right now, and it's tough talking to these people, and trying to reassure them.

Most of the people I speak with are fantastic. Many lost everything, and are living in their cars, or worse! Some are staying in what's left of their houses, with no electric (NO A/C!!!!), no running water, no phones, etc; Yet, teir spirits remain reasonably high.

One insured called to report that his house had been entirely demplished. Total destruction. All that was left was a pile of rubble. Amazingly, he had a boat tied up in the water, at the rear of his property, which had been thrown up into the rear yard, but, which, was otherwise undamaged. He and his family were living in the boat. It had no electric, and was tilted to one side, but offered shelter and beds. Despite this, he was upbeat and in decent spirits.

In fact, no matter how badly some people had been hit, most said, "Well, it could have been worse."

However, there is always an exception to every rule..... I thought I'd share one of the "funny" (That's "funny" peculiar and not "funny" ha-ha) ones from this past week.One woman from Panama City Beach called to report her damage. She told me that she had been very lucky. The houses in her area are all on the water, and built up on reinforced stilts. the houses on either side of her had totally collapsed. by some miracle, her house had excaped damage, almost completely. The paint was ruined, but that was about it. However, trees in the yard had fallen and destroyed her screened in porch, fencing, a tool shed and a dog house.

I explained that, due to the fact that we had suffered three major storms, in four weeks, and were trying to get to the worst hit first, it would be a week, to ten days, before the adjuster could get to her house. Her reply was, "Well, that's totally unacceptable! I live on the water and pay a very high premium, higher than most others. therefore, when I have a claim, I want immediate service!"

Biting my tongue, and trying my best, I explained that we were flying adjusters in fom all over the country, and using any available independent adjusters, but there just weren't enough bodies to go around. i told her that, if she could replace the dog house, that she should just keep the receipt and she'd be reimbursed. I told her about the people who I just mentioned, and that we were trying to get to them first.

Not good enough, for her....she continued on-and-on about how her dog had been traumatized by the storm and needed his house. I suggested that, maybe for just a few nights, he could sleep in the house. "He can," was her answer, "but he won't be happy! He likes his own house." And, she hung up......

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Gee - I think I would find a way to get that gal's forms to the bottom of the pile - every time. Or maybe they could just get lost....hmmm! Unfortunately it's a me first world - I love my dogs dearly but I would not put them on the same plain as people who were in real need. I would just let them sleep on the bed and dh could take the floor :o) - ttfn Jennifer

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Thank goodness we have more than enough nice people in this world to balance out the selfish ones like her.

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