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Jay Leno to retire...

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in 2009! Conan O' Brien will be replacing him on the Tonight Show.

It'll be sad to see Jay go!

How do you feel about this?

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I've decided to take this opportunity to announce that as of April 1, 2034, I will be parking my truck for the last time. I will be announcing my replacement as soon as he/she is born.

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I think they did this so that Conan will know they want him for the job. Back in the Carson/Letterman days, everyone assumed Dave would take over (including Dave). Then when NBC picked Jay, that caused a lot of problems for them, including losing Dave to CBS. I'm guessing Conan's Late Night contract is up soon, and NBC doesn't want him looking at a better offer someplace else. They figure this way, even if it is 5 years away, Conan will be content knowing the prime job is his.

CBS recently did this for the news anchor job. They didn't want to rush Dan Rather out the door, but they didn't want John Roberts, the guy they wanted to replace Dan with, to leave either. So they announced John would take over at some undetermined date down the road. Of course, now it's looking like Dan might be out sooner than anyone expected after the fake Bush service records scandal.

Now, if we can only get Keith Morrison to take over the NBC Nightly News from Tom Brokaw, we'll have Canadians anchoring all 3 major network news shows LOL.

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