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Booked another one!!!!

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Well everyone, I was not looking forward to the PCD to set in after the Majesty in November - I did not have anything booked for after that one! Oh the horror! :grin:

So, yesterday when I was surfing the net, I came across a deal to difficult to resist. The Enchantment of the Seas 7 night repo cruise from Quebec City, Canada to Fort Lauderdale. The price per person double occupancy was too good to be true (yes for an inside, but what the heck - a cruise is a cruise!) When I priced it out, the price for single occupancy for a 7 night cruise was phenomenal and I could not pass it up.

So, I am booked on the Enchantment of the Seas 10/2/05!!!! I have never been to any of the ports (Quebec City, Sagueny River, Cornerbrook New Foundland, Boston) - and I love the fact that there are a lot of sea days! Perfect to relax and unwind and get oneself back on track! Just wish it was this year, not next. But I am still looking for Spring 2005!!!!!

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That's great, Lisa!! I have never stacked cruises, but this year I think will be the first. It sounds like a great cruise. Congrats. :grin:


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Good for you , sailinglisa. Congratulations. Maybe when you're in Ft. Lauderdale, some of us Floridians can get together with you. I'd love to meet you. Remember to post your cruise date to our CruiseCrazies calendar. :cool:

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Congratulations, Lisa! This is a super itinerary. We've done the Quebec-Boston portion several times and something keeps calling us back. I'll be happy to give advice on ports, etc.

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Lisa63 - I will definitely take you up on the Boston info IF a friend of mine is unavailable to take me around that day.

Have you ever been to CornerBrook, Newfoundland? That is our stop in Canada besides the Saguenay River and Quebec City.

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Yes, we stopped in CornerBrook a few years ago on RCI. It was late in the season (very late October) and they had had some snow a day or so earlier. RCI ran one last-minute excursion that took pax up to one of the mountains to play in the snow.

We passed on this (although our tablemates, who were from a tropical climate loved it), we just spent the time walking through the town and talking to local residents. As our son was still very small at the time, we didn't do a shore excursion here, but I'll pull out some of the items I've saved from the cruise to let you know what else there is to do and see.

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