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Guess who is sailing away later today...

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Mom, dad, and my sister boarded the Carnival Fascination today, after they were able to get on very last-minute! The ship is setting sail at about 5 this afternoon, and they're sailing to Nassau, Bahamas, out of the Port of Miami.

Spoke with family on the phone not too long ago, as they called from the Lido deck....they're having a great time already.

I'll be watching the webcams so I can wave their ship Bon Voyage as I watch them sail out of Government Cut into the ocean. Bon Voyage, mom, dad, and sis!!

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Thank you all so much. We had a fantastic time . The Fascination is a great ship and it was exciting, although extremely hectic, packing so last minute. Anyway, I will write a review soon. Thanks again to all of you for your good wishes. Hugs to all, Cheryl

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