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thomson inquiries

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as many people know i am a huge fan of thomson cruises but sadly not many of you have heard about them. that will soon change....

anything you need to know at all i will do my best to help you, no question is too stupid, remember that. either reply to this topic or pm me, no e mail please for technical difficulties forbid me from reading them. thank you people!

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Please don't take this as criticism, or anything negative, but I have two legitimate questions.

1) Almost all of your cruises mention Thomson Cruises, in a very positive manner, which leads me to wonder if you are either employed by Thomson, or a company which works with them, and/or own Thomson stock.

The reason this information is important is that it would have a bearing on your opinion(s).

2) Have you cruised on any other lines, besides Thomson, in order that you might be able to compare the quality of various amenities, food, entertainment, etc; between several lines?


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for starters john,

i change my mind there IS such a thing as a stupid question.

i am not employed by thomson and second i have been on 2 other cruise ships by 2 different companies and found thomson the best. im just trying to help people who havent heard of thomson and are curious as i have quite a bit of knowledge about the thomson and its ships.

anyway what gives you the right to ask those questions? who are you trying to help? all you do here is criticise me!

now, have you actually got a good question about the thomson ships or not?

if not i suggest letting people who want to know information ask me. you may think its clever doing things like this but believe it or not i dont care!!!!!!

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well if people knew about thomson then thay would be interested that is why i'm here. to tell people about thomson so they could be interested about it.

anyway why look on this topic if you aren't interested in finding out about the company?

i'm only trying to help. i may not be interested in many other cruise lines but i at least try and find out more before i speak out my opinion.

i suggest you do the same!

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