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Online booking question

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I will be cruising end of Nov on the Carnival Triumph's rock n roll escape. I purchased this cruise online and paid in full at that time. When the transaction was complete a box came up saying I would be notified of confirmation the next business day. The next day I recieved nothing and feeling anxious about such a big online purchase, I called Carnival. They verified I was confirmed, emailed me a copy of my reciept and told me I would recieve hard copy materials in mail in 7-10 days. I still haven't recieved any hard copy confirmation or reciept of purchase from Carnival and again called 2 weeks ago and was told those things would be sent out and again I would get them in 7-10 days....still nothing.

Is this the norm? I am surprised...even when I purchase scrubs online for 20.00 I get purchase confirmations and receipts without having to ask. The only thing I have is the credit card statement I got yesterday and the email documents.

I guess I am still nervous about buying online!

Thanks for any info and I know I am probably just overreacting!

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its probably nothing to worry about but i prefer not booking online. maybe thats just me, anyway if carnival says youre booked then everything should be fine. i can see why youre worried though.is this your first cruise? would you like to look on my thomson inquiries to find more out about thomson cruises?

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Since I have an online site - let me tell you what I would do. Go back to the web site you booked through and email them direct - or if they have a phone # give them a call. If you have a fax machine available, ask them to fax the info to you. If Carnival has a confirmation number be sure to get that number from them.

You should have any problems if you have that number. The other thing is, you may have entered your email address incorrectly so that could cause the problem. I am sure there is a phone number you can contact the agency.

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Did you purchase online from the Carnival website or some other online site? If it was not Carnival's site, the documents are normally sent to the online agency you booked with, not direct to the customer. The agency forwards them on after checking them.

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Thanks for your replies everyone.

I did book this on the carnival website and I do have a booking number. Everything seems to be in order except for the fact they keep telling me they are going to send me cruise materials and then they do not. I guess I just expected more acknowledgement of this purchase of thousands of dollars from a large and established company. Last time I phoned (a couple weeks ago) they said I will get the cruise itinerary in the mail 3 weeks prior to cruising...guess I will see what happens with that.

Thanks again cruise crazies!

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