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sorry people

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i need to say sorry to eveyone especially John and DaCruzNut for taking my personal things out on them. but i do have good reason for acting like a stupid little kid. my parents are getting divorced and its really messed up my head :cry: so once again sorry and i will try to be nicer. can we start over again?

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I had four children when my wife and I got divorced. Allen was 9; Gary was 6; and Linda & Steven were 5.

I think it's the kids who suffer the most, in a divorce. For the parents, it's a relief. But, for the children, it's a very frightening thing!

You are porbably a little frightened, by it all, and have a million questions, with nobody to ask. You worry that, if Mommy & Daddy can stop loving each other, could they, possibly, stop loving you some day? It's tough on you.

Now, let's look at this another way.....

First of all, little girls are always "Daddy's little girl!" Linda, my daughter, is married and has three children, the oldest is about your age. She runs the house, raises the girls and has a job! She makes me very proud. Yet, every now and then, when she needs something, she'll talk to me in little girl tones and say things like, "....but.....Daddy...." It melts my heart, and she knows she'll always be my little girl.

As far as your Mom, well, you'll always be her little girl also! There's a special bond between a mom and daughter. When a mother looks at her little girl, she sees herself, many years ago. She watches herself grow up, and tries to keep her daughter from making the same mistakes she made.

Bottom line: Your parents will always love you.

As far as the rest, it will all work out. My kids made it, just fine, and so have millions of children around the world. Remember, you're not alone.

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Dear Lindie,

I'm so sorry to hear about your parents getting divorced. I just want you to know that the members here at CruiseCrazies are the most supportive, caring group of people you could hope to meet. Recently, I had medical issues to deal with and the support and good wishes I got from the members here meant more to me than I can say. Just know that you are not alone and that we are all here for each other through the good times and the tough times. You can relax here and enjoy posting and getting to know the fantastic people that make CruiseCrazies such a great site. Cheryl :cool:

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thank you all, i thought you'd all need to know why ive been behaving like a stupid little girl lately. now i see im not alone and if you want to get to know me better pm me, you'll find i am very mature when i can think straight.

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