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ive been stupid and have apologised but i can understand if you never want to see or hear from me again. doyou want me to go away, i dont want to leave but i will if i have to.

if you havent seen my topic marked apologies i suggest you read it before you vote. thank you i will do as you say.

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lindie, no one wants you to leave. Even young adults can add to this forum with insight that we older people don't have. My daughter has been posting on one forum for years. She's 17 now and still enjoys it.

Every now and then family members have disagreements but get over it. It's time to put yours to rest and stick around.

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Stay lindie....misunderstandings happen and sometimes writing in emails or forums can be misconstrued. Stay, enjoy.... you will learn alot and we will learn alot from your point of view..........

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I have a number of children and, in all honesty, have nothing but sympathy, and compassion, for you. You are, obviously, going through rough time. Your poem about cruising, describing the cabin as dark & lonely, is a cry for help, and a clear indication that your parents are not giving you the help and support you need.

That does not mean that we as "strangers," while we are sympathetic, have to share your problems.

I have been lurking on this board for a very long time, and have found it to be a friendly, helpful, upbeat board. Since you have begun posting, the mood of the board has changed and lost its upbeat tone.

In all honesty, I believe the board would be a better place without you. You might want to try:



www.another website.com

Perhaps they would welcome your posts....

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Newcroozer , AKA Lindie,

Please use that link that Keith and Rita were so kind to supply. For your entertainment , you would be better served on a board for young teens. Shouldn't you be in school during the day????????

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