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Perfect Holiday

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Describe your perfect holiday, cruise or not, every detail and it could be one youve had or going on or one you want to go on. if you are saying peoples names stick to the first one or make them up. we must respect peoples identity.

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If I had the time and the $:

Sail across the Atlantic from NYC to Southampton on Queen Mary 2. Then spend another two weeks in the UK, seeing as much as possible in that timeframe while managing a return visit to London -- one of my favorite cities -- for a few days. Then, travel back to one of the ports for a return crossing to the States, only this time on a cruise that stops in Norway, Iceland, Greenland, etc. along the way.

Perhaps I will purchase a lottery ticket tonight...

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RCI's Jewel does a cruise that "visits" Paris. It stops in Le Harve and you can take a day trip to the City of Lights.

I love Paris. We went there on our honeymoon, way back in 1957. It is a beautiful city, especially at night. We were there in '99 and the prices were really high, but it is one of the great cities of the world. The roasted chestnuts are to die for. Eating roasted chestnuts, walking along the banks of the Seine is one of the great pleasures in life.

Just got back from the Med. Loved Santorini and Mykanos. Have you ever seen the movie "Shirley Valentine"? It was filmed in Mykanos. We have always wanted to have a drink, sat in a bar on the sea front, watching the sunset. Guess what, that's just what we did. It was a pretty good sunset, not up to California High Desert standards, but acceptable.

Lindie, where abouts in England are you from? I was born in Manchester, go Man U, and lived there for thirty one years. We don't miss the rain, but we do miss those chip butties.

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