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Last nights debate?

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Unfortunately I missed it Friday night, but I caught the last 20 minutes of it in a CNN replay Saturday afternoon. Bush did seem more at ease and on the ball this time. He never really struck me as very good at speaking without a script, since I first started watching him back in 99. Usually Kerry seems more comfortabel speaking from the hip, but he sure looked uncomfortable and sounded way off his game when he was explaining why he voted against the $87 billion supplemental, while at the same time crying about the lack of material support for the troops in Iraq.

Canadians in general seem to be supporting Kerry, in part because if the myth that it's better for Canada to have a Democrat in the White House, and in this case, a Democrat from a state whose former governor is the Canadian Ambassador. I don't know how scientific that can be though, considering there's only been a Democratic President for 16 of the last 40 years, and we did pretty good with US relations when Reagan was President too.

I think, unfortunately, the election is going to boil down to one issue-Iraq. Hopefully, people can put aside their feelings on whether the US should have gone in or not, and vote for who they think can deal with it better now. I personally think it would be a mistake to change now, but I don't get a say in it LOL.

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Dan you have really put forward an interesting Canadian perspective on the US elections. I think that we do want a a Democrat in the White House because we believe that is closer to our own Canadian values. It's interesting, though, how there is so much attention paid to the US elections in the Canadian news and not much given to the Canadian elections in the US news. Like, do we matter at all?

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I think Kerry won hands down, because he didn't have to cheat by wearing a receiver on his back to speak, like Bush did.

Thats what made Bush able to speak so well, was because he had that receiver on his back, with his people giving him the answer's. That's a low blow to the community!!

Shame on you Bush!! and Now his press agent is trying to cover it all up, by saying it wasn't a receiver, it was something else but won't say what it was. Sounds kind of phoney to me, do they think the public is stupid and couldn't see the buldge under his jacket..

"Oh what a tangled Web we weave, when first we practice to deceive"

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If you have such a low opinion of Bush, then why do you give him credit for being able to quickly repeat what's being whispered in his ear?

If you've ever been to a concert where wireless mics are being used, you'll usually notice a small transmitter on the artist somewhere. You'll also notice most wear inner-ear monitors, so they can hear what the music is doing. This also requires a small receiver. This is all I suspect was what you saw. Just because you didn't see one on Kerry doesn't mean it wasn't there.

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Hey Dan...

Also if you notice ther is no ear peice. So if it were a reciver don't you think that he would need a ear peice to even hear......

Come one people think about it Bush did not have any kind of device on his back. Gee Wiz.

The stuff people have to come up with when they are grasping at straws!

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