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im new here

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Hi im newcroozer (Kym Newbie) you see how H got my name i'm 16 and have been on 5 cruises two with oceana one with Carnival and two with thomson.

I am extremely friendly and am always looking to make new friends especially people who share my love of cruising. as I am new here I really dont know much and have many questions. I hope you can all make me feel welcome and help me. :smiley:

I can also help others once I get to know this board better. I've been browsing and noticed you are mostl friendly to people I hope I can be one of those people.


Kym. :tongue: haha.

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Hi, Kim, and WELCOME, to a "newbie," from a "newbie!"

You might want to hook up with lindie11 - She's loves Thomson Cruises, also; is also a teen; is fairly new to the board; and is geographically very close to you......

In fact, you have a LOT in common! :wink: :wink: Actually, you're a lot closer than most people realize, aren't you?????

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i know we are actually related cousins she told me about this site but says not everyone is that friendly, however, i think differently. I know what she's like and don'thold that against me i've known her longer i know exactly how she is, but i'm totally different and i'm not mad about thomson i also like costa too. your name was mentioned john she says you werent that nice to her and i hope she doesnt see me being nice to you. well if she does tough, i'm nice to everyone icluding you.

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Welcome to the boards, Kym! It's nice to have you here. :smiley:


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