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Novels to Cruise by

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There's a book called "Murder on the QE2" that is modeled after the Murder She Wrote series. I purchased it some time ago, but honestly haven't had a chance to read it. I imagine it's pretty thrilling. :smiley:

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Found "Murder on the QE2" at Amazon - but not in my local library- and I am much too cheap to buy it so I'll just have to wait - lol. Anyone else got any good suggestions for fun cruising books - ttfn Jennifer

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Here's my list of my top ten favorite novels to read aboard a cruise....

alt text


Published in 1955, this book was for many years the best account of the Titanic disaster. While later research has brought to light new facts and thus made the book unsuitable as "the one and only" on the subject, it is still one among the very best.


This is a cracking yarn - the sort you don't pick up late at night if you want any sleep. There are some unlikely events (as if the whole thing isn't an unlikely event!) but somehow Gallico makes you believe in them.


The terrifying true story of a ship caught in the middle of the storm of the century - "perfect" in the sense that it could not possibly be worse.


The sinking of the British ocean liner Lusitania is, together with the Titanic disaster, probably the best-known and most written about sea tragedy of our time. On May 7, 1915, the Lusitania was struck by a torpedo fired from a German submarine.


On a stormy night in September 1934, the Morro Castle was making its way through heavy seas en route from Havana to New York City. Shortly after 2:00 A.M., while most of the passengers slept, fire suddenly engulfed the luxury liner; within an hour...


In 1654, Padre Diego Rivadeneira sets out for Spain from Peru in a small armada led by the immense galleon La Capitana, "Queen of the South Sea," carrying ten million pesos in silver coin and bullion. Late one night, off the coast of Ecuador….


Includes bibliographical references (p. 141) and index


Great Lakes mariners fear the gales of November. Six to ten thousand vessels litter the lake bottoms, a disproportionate share--from LaSalle’s Le Griffon in 1679 to the mighty Edmund Fitzgerald in 1975--lost in autumn storms.


“Out of the Fog†is an American edition of a Swedish book by Algot Mattsson, who was the information officer for Swedish America Line, the owner of Stockholm, the ship that collided with Andrea Doria in 1956. The book describes the collision from the perspectives of both ships as well as the heroic rescue of hundreds.


The Edmund Fitzgerald was the Titanic of the Great Lakes, seven city blocks long and thought to be invincible. One November night she disappeared from Lake Superior so quickly crewmen were unable to make a distress call.

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OK, Jennifer - honey - how about one of my REAL favorites:

alt text

Vignettes from different islands and time frames of the various peoples who make up the population of the polygot that has become the Caribbean.

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Dear Jennifer,

A few years ago I read Buzz Cut by Hall. It was a very exciting book - mystery and adventure on a cruise ship. I remember I couldn't put it down. Let me know if you read it. Cheryl :cool:

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