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What does it mean???

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One of my fellow "newbies," CrusinSusan, posted a few questions which she felt were "dumb." On answer was 100% right; there are no dumb questions; only the ones you don't ask!

her post gave me an idea! Suppose we have a little game, where we can all learn those little abbreviations and stuff that are used a lot. You know, the ones like HAL and Connie, and stuff like that.

So, here's the game. Someone posts an abbreviation, or nickname, or nautical term. The next person posts the answer, and a new riddle name...


First Post: "RCCL"

Second Post: "RCCL=Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines"


Third Post; "Aft=Rear of ship"


All of the answers pertain to abbreviations, nicknames or shipboard terms.

OK; I'll start:


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alt textPOSH=Port%20Out%20Starboard%20Homealt text

This term originated on voyages from England to the Far East. The port (left side) cabins, heading east, and the starboard (right side) cabins, heading "home," were the more desirable cabins, since they were on the 'sunny side' of the ship...


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Topside.....refers to 2 different things....1 The surface of a ships hull above the water line. Often used in the plural. 2 The highest position of authority. Or maybe even the top deck.....

How many cruises could a cruiser do if a cruiser could cruise? :grin:

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Topside actually means on a weather deck. Above the enclosed decks. Could be the promenade , the Lido Pool deck, etc.

Embark is to board the ship, and debark is to leave the ship.


ps. remember you are dealing with a retired navy guy here :grin:

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