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Anyone have any funny or crazy cruise story's?

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My Funny or Crazy Cruise Story begin's in 2/18/03 Dawn Princess 10-day Southern Caribbean.

I have heard so many times on the cruise messages boards, that on the Aloha deck or the Baja deck in front of the ship. There are some doors marked "Employee's Only!! If you open these two doors while going through the Panama Canal you will have the best view of all, and that it is very private.

So one day while out to sea sailing at 22 knotts, My husband and I thought we would go looking for those doors marked "employees only" on the Aloha or Baja deck. We were on the Baja deck, and opened the two doors marked employees only, when all of a sudden the gust of wind pulled me out like a suction cup. I was flying like a "HUMAN FLAG" hanging on to the door for dear life. My hat blew off, my sun glasses were gone, my skirt that I had on was starting to slide down my legs, and I was screaming for dear life HELP HELP ME!!

My husband was laughing so hard, at the way I looked and what was happening to me, he almost wet his paints. He tried so hard to pull me back into the hall way but I weigh more than he does. I knew I was a gone forever!!

Finally between the both of us we managed to pull me in, but we couldn't retrieve anything that I had lost cause it all went over board.

We never once thought that we shouldn't of opened those doors at the front of the ship, unless we were sailing the panama canal at "slow speed" not at 22 knotts.

When we meant back up with our friends later that day, they all asked what was wrong with me, cause I must of looked a fright. I never told them until a year later cause I was so embarrassed at how stupid I was!!!

So let this be a warning to all, only opened those doors on the Aloha or Baja deck at the front of the ship "marked" employees only when you are in port or sailing at a very SLOW SPEED..And Yes it is very private up there!!

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My favorite.....

On a cruise aboard the Zenith. I boarded the ship, and went to my cabin, to check it out. On the way to the cabin, I passed a woman, in the passageway, who was carrying a bottle of wine. I nodded, and smiled…

I got to the cabin, and sat down to relax. I had left the door open, for no particular reason. A few moments later, the “Wine Lady,†from the passageway, walked into my room, and began yelling at me, in French. I recognized it as French, but, unfortunately, could not understand one word of what she was saying!

I soon gathered that, for some reason, she was under the incorrect impression that I was in her cabin. I took out my ticket, pointed to the Cabin Number on the ticket, walked over to the door and pointed to the number there. To no avail! The screaming did not abate.

I, calmly, picked up the phone, and called the Purser’s Desk. A young man, named Gabriel, answered the phone. I explained the problem, and he told me that he spoke French, was on his way to the cabin, and that I should stay calm. I told him that I was perfectly calm, but the poor Wine Lady was going ballistic…

Gabriel, a lovely man from Montreal, arrived shortly, and sorted out the whole mess. It seems that Wine Lady had the right cabin, on the wrong deck. Her husband had come looking for her, and found her in our cabin, with Gabriel. He had his ticket with him, and it revealed that his cabin was two decks above ours. Mr. And Mrs. Wine Lady walked out of our cabin, in a huff, as if I had done something wrong…

In any event, Gabriel turned to us, and said, “I am amazed at how calm you were. Weren’t you concerned?â€Â

I explained that I wasn’t the least bit concerned. We were already sailing, and I had paid my fare, so I wouldn’t be thrown off the ship. If the Wine Lady had been mistaken, which, it turned out, she was, “no harm/no foul.†Everything would be as it was before. If it turned out that Celebrity had made an error, and double-booked the cabin, they would either have to upgrade me, to the best available, or downgrade me, and refund my fare. I’d never be upset with a free cruise. Gabriel shook my hand, smiled, and said, “I’d tell you to enjoy your cruise, but that seems unnecessary….â€Â

Every day, for the remainder of the cruise, a little token gift would mysteriously appear, with a card, which said, “Compliments of the Hotel Manager.†Somewhere, I still have Celebrity pens, key chains, and other ship stuff. But the best “gift†I got was what happened every time I passed Wine Lady, on the ship. Every time I passed the Wine Lady in a passageway, I would chuckle, inside, over the entire affair. Meanwhile, Wine Lady was getting ulcers, giving me dirty looks.

But, the story isn’t quite done, yet. That evening, at dinner, the Wine Steward came over to the table, and asked me to sign for the bottle of wine, that had been left in my cabin, sent by my travel agent. I told him that I hadn’t received any wine…. It hit me; wait a minute!….Wine Lady!!! Obviously, if she thought my cabin was her cabin, then, by sheer deduction she would have thought that my wine….hmmmm....

I told the Wine Steward to track down the Wine Lady, and gave him her cabin number. The next evening, as I entered the Dining Room, the Wine Steward was standing nearby, and flashed me a “thumbs up,†as I entered, and we had another good augh, together.

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That is such a great story. Thanks so much for sharing it with us and for the great advice. :kiss:


I love your Wind Lady story. Thanks so much for posting it for us. :kiss:

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Dancing up a storm:

It was late 1996, and we had just encountered a fierce storm enroute to Cozumel on Dolphin Cruise Line’s OceanBreeze. Our tiny ship wasn’t tossed, but rolled ever so slowly from side to side, righting herself each time just before we seemed to have reached the point of no return. My husband, 3-year-old son, and I -- along with a dozen other passengers -- spent the evening in one of the lounges, where a two-man band provided entertainment to an empty dance floor. One man played an electric guitar, and the second man had a small electric keyboard slung over his shoulder.

After a few moments, our 3-year-old took to the dance floor and started to jump up and down to the reggae song, “Three Little Birds.” For the next 15 minutes or so, he continued to dance to whatever the band played, and even made a few requests of his own, which were all acknowledged. During this time, the ship continued to roll from side to side, and I suppose it got to be a bit challenging for those little legs to keep him upright -- so, he laid down on his back and looked up at the lights in the ceiling while the musicians played on.

The musicians looked at each other and laughed, until one of them said, “That’s a great idea.” With guitar in hand, he too lay down on the floor, and was soon followed by his bandmate. They continued to play as all three of them remained on their backs as the ship’s movement became even more noticeable.

Into the lounge comes another passenger -- quite inebriated, even had the paper umbrella behind the ear. He looked at the empty stage, and seemed to wonder where the music was coming from. He spotted the three on the floor, muttered, “That’s a great idea,” and lay down on his back on the dance floor next to them.

The room erupted into laughter. Wouldn’t you know – it was the one time we didn’t have the video recorder.

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Lisa, that's a great story. I'll bet you have a whole bunch more, tucked away! How about YOU write a b'book,' also? It could be a companion to Sea of Memories. You could call it Ocean of Dreams! Maybe we could co-publish in one volume :grin: :grin: :grin:

I can see it now, "A Sea of memories; An Ocean of Dreams."

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Great stories, everyone!!

I didn't think I had one, but I just remembered this from my first cruise. We were in a lounge watching a show on the, "Carnivale." Back in those days, "79," they had a lot of audience participation shows, and they were putting on a skit of Snidley Whiplash.(I think that was his name) The oger who tied up the heroine on the railroad tracks, and about the hero who saves her.

Well, I was on this cruise with my mom and dad and some friends, and we had just sat down somewhere up front, when I saw that the MC was calling people up from out of the audience. I started thinking, "OH NO!" I didn't want to be called up. I am basically very shy, unless, I've had a Pina Colada or two, and I'd only had one. :grin:

Anyway, wouldn't you know it! He called me up to be the heroine... Mary. I wanted to say no, but I didn't want to be a bad sport, and I had another problem. I had to go to the bathroom.

I went up on stage and tried to be a good sport. Oh well, I thought, "this is my big chance;" I'd always wanted to be an actress! I'll give it my all!

The MC asked us all where we were from and a little about ourselves and then he started teasing me and then he said that I looked a little nervous about being up there, and all of a sudden I blurted out that I had to go to the bathroom.

Everyone in the room just roared with laughter. After that, I just relaxed a bit, and did my acting. My biggest line was,"Help, Help, save me!" At the end of the skit, both the villian and the hero both shot me, so I had to fall down on the stage. Good thing I had on slacks! :grin:

After that, everywhere I went on the ship, people would come up to me and say,"Good job, Mary!"

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