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Cirque du Soleil on Celebrity

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I just read that the Constellation will have a special lounge that will feature Cirque du Soleil. It sounds amazing. Is anyone booked yet for this ship?

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We're going to be on her sister ship, "the Infinity." I was hoping that they would choose the, "Infinity," for the first shows, but...no luck. It sounds like it's going to be great!

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Now on Celebrity Cruises, guests will set sail for the unimaginable. Exclusively created for Celebrity Cruises by Cirque du Soleil®, The Bar at the Edge of the EarthSM will transport guests to a place no map can find. Surrounded by walls of mist and spheres of light, your clients will discover a world where time stops, space expands and the impossible becomes anything but. Surreal visuals, exotic cocktails, and encounters with the most unlikely characters await.

And on one night of the cruise; your clients can celebrate at The Masquerade Ball –an exclusive, reservation only opportunity to interact with Cirque du Soleil characters and enjoy a world-class act presented by Cirque du Soleil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is The Bar at the Edge of the Earth?

A: Cirque du Soleil will transform the forward observation lounges on Constellation® and Summit® into an other-worldly environment – The Bar at the Edge of the Earth. In this lounge will be an innovative blend of music and visuals, as well as characters developed exclusively for Celebrity by Cirque du Soleil. The Bar at the Edge of the Earth will be open nightly from 7-9 pm at no charge. On one

night per cruise, guests can attend the Masquerade Ball where they will enjoy a world-class act presented by Cirque du Soleil.

Q: When will The Masquerade Ball take place?

A: The Ball will take place on the night before the last formal night of the cruise. It will begin at 9 pm.

Q: Are reservations required to attend the Masquerade Ball?

A: Yes. Since the capacity of the lounge is restricted for safety purposes, space

will be limited and reservations required. As with the Specialty Restaurant, there will be a fee to regulate capacity.

Q: Where and how do I book a reservation for the Masquerade Ball?

A: Pre-booking can be made through the Bon Voyage Selections amenities program. You may phone: 1-800-242-6374, fax: 1-800-882-8292, or email: celebrityspecialservices@celebrity.com. In addition, as space allows, reservations will be available onboard.

Q: What is the fee for the Masquerade Ball?

A: The charge is $30 per person (including children) and reservations are required. The ticket includes a voucher for the Cirque du Soleil boutique, for a mask or hat ($19.95 value), to be worn at the Ball. Please note there will not be a charge for the 7-9pm nightly experience.

Q: Are beverages included in the $30 entrance fee?

A: No, beverages will be charged to your client’s Signature Account. However, complimentary canapés will be served.

Q: What is the dress code for the Masquerade Ball?

A: Guests are encouraged to wear white to enhance the experience, as projections will play a pivotal role.

Q: Is this suitable for children?

A: The experience will feature video projection and music that may not be suitable for very young children, but the overall experience is designed for guests of all ages. Please remember that reservations are required.

Q: Will anyone be offered priority reservations?

A: Yes, all suite guests and Elite Captain’s Club members will be offered priority reservations.

Q: What level of inter-activity will guests have with the Cirque du Soleil characters?

A: Guests will have the opportunity to engage our characters in the lounge and learn about their history and stories. In The Bar at the Edge of the Earth, the characters will not talk but will charm and engage guests in otherworldly ways.

Q: Will the Cirque du Soleil characters be at various venues throughout the ship or only at the The Bar at the Edge of the Earth?

A: Most of the characters will live only in the lounge. One character, Pez Erizo, will engage guests throughout the ship.

Q: Will there still be the traditional “nightly experience†in The Bar at the Edge of the Earth on the night of the Masquerade Ball?

A: No, The Masquerade Ball begins at 9pm and will continue until the bar closes.

Q: What time during The Masquerade Ball will the Cirque du Soleil show take place?

A: There will be no traditional, scheduled Cirque du Soleil show onboard.<] Instead, special world class acts presented by Cirque du Soleil will be seamlessly integrated into the night during The Masquerade Ball only. The acts won’t be Cirque du Soleil’s scheduled, staged performances, but rather impromptu acrobatic acts demonstrating the human potential that made Cirque du Soleil famous.<]

Q: Will agents receive commission for pre-booking their clients’ reservations for The Masquerade Ball?

A: There will be no commission on pre-booking. However, we do encourage agents to reserve space for their clients in advance. Space is limited so pre-booking ensures access to this unique experience. And The Masquerade Ball makes a great Bon Voyage gift.

Q: Can groups reserve The Masquerade Ball?

A: No, groups cannot buy out the lounge for the night nor can they reserve any of the nightly 7-9pm experiences. However, arrangements may be made for groups during the day in The Bar at the Edge of the Earth.

Q: What about the traditional disco that our guests enjoy?

A: The Bar at the Edge of the Earth will be open after 9pm for guests to enjoy music in the transformed environment. Cirque du Soleil characters will not be present, but the resident DJ will play for guests.

Q: Will there be assigned seating for The Bar at the Edge of the Earth?

A: Since this is not a show, there will be no seated performance. Instead, the characters will appear and disappear at different times throughout the 7pm to 9pm period. No reservations will be required for the nightly experience.

Q: What is our response if, despite our best efforts, guests still embark expecting a traditional Cirque du Soleil show and are then disappointed?

A: We are confident that The Bar at the Edge of the Earth will live up to all our guests’ expectations. However, we must be careful to inform customers upfront that they will not be getting a Cirque du Soleil show in our theatres, but a brand new type of Cirque du Soleil entertainment.

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