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Did anyone see Shall We Dance?

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Wayne and I went to see it today and really enjoyed it. It wasn't the most exciting movie but I loved watching Richard Gere dance. Actually, I just loved watching Richard Gere period. I've loved him ever since Pretty Woman. Jennifer Lopez was also in this movie and wore some interesting outfits. I found this to be a very enjoyable movie to watch. :cool:

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We saw the movie, as well. Rita likes Richard Gere, and since we are taking ball room dancing, we thought we would like the movie. As it turned out, we didn't really care for it. The dancing scenes were really good, however, the movie was very unrealistic and the "plot" was kind of silly. We wish we could learn as fast as they did!

However, don't go by what we say--you just might like it better than us.alt textalt text

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