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Exercise equipment in your house ?

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Do you have exercise equipment in your house or apt. that you actually use.???

We have a recumbent bicycle in the bedroom. I do use it to throw clothing on but I also do use it and ride it for about 45 minutes on the days I don't go out and do my walking. I have it right in front of the tv so that I have no excuse. I sometimes catch up on my phone calls while I do my riding .

How about you?alt text

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We have a crossbow excercise machine, that we use sporadically. It alsi makes a good place to hang clothes on hangers I make to look at them full length. LOL We have a couple of medicene balls and a whole collection of Richard Simmons tapes and dvd's. Under the house we have an ab machine, and oh yeah in my sons room we have a nordic trak ski machine, he uses to hang clothes on. :undecided:

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