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We recently received our first ever E-Docs. Never used this type of docs before, so I though I'd check and see who has used them and what your experience has been at the pier with time.

It would seem to me that this system would hold up the checking of luggage with the porters who must now generate the luggage tags on the spot rather that just taking the pre-tagged bags under the old system.

Any observations you may have had with this new system would be welcomed. BTW, we are sailing on Celebrity's Infinity out of San Diego.


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The e-docs are eight pages long with all the usual stuff you find in docs such as the cruise summary details, reservatio ID #, ship name, dates etc. Also has the Itinerary. Your ticket contract, shipboard account setup, driving directions to the pier. Under Ship Baggage Tag it has a preprinted minature bag tag and says:

"Please be sure to attach any personal ID to each piece of luggage before you leave home.

Ship baggage tags are available from our Porters at the pier.

To assist you in filling in the required tag information uon your arrival at the pier, please copy from the information provided below.

Stateroom and Quadrant boxes which appear blank indicates the assignment will be made at the pier."

So, I guess we get to stand there and fill out baggage tags in the middle of the embarkation mess!

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Skipper...congratulations on getting your docs!

We got the booklet in the mail from Miami. We did get e-tickets for the flights, though!

I did read a review from someone who took a copy of his luggage tag on his e-tickets and printed and copied them, and he also laminated them and just made up his own. I guess it worked out really well for him. Hopefully, he will see this thread!

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We decided to get the e-docs for our last cruise and it was a pain in the neck. We had to fill out the luggage tags in the parking lot and THEN stop inside the port building to do the Bahamas form that you get with your cruise documents usually. I don't like this system I don't think.

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