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Airport X-Ray

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Airport X-Ray Sees Right Through Clothes

London's busy Heathrow Airport is known for taking security very seriously. They just raised the bar. It would be virtually impossible to hide anything from the new X-ray machine at Heathrow because it actually sees right through a passenger's clothing and produces an anatomically detailed black-and-white image of the body underneath, reports Reuters.

The revealing X-ray machine, which uses low-level radiation to detect solid objects concealed under clothing, has been attacked by civil liberties groups as a "voyeur's charter." Liberty, a British civil rights group, called the X-ray images unjustified, intrusive, and an invasion of privacy. The airport is using the X-ray machine in a four-month trial that began last month.

Since it is a trial, passengers are not required to participate. Instead, people are chosen randomly and asked if they will volunteer to be scanned by the machine. "I stood in front of the screen, and they took three pictures in different positions," passenger Pernille Nielsen told Reuters. "I don't mind if the pictures are a little more personal as long as I'm safe in air--that's what matters." A spokeswoman for the airport says that 98 percent of the volunteer participants have given positive feedback. "It's a very low dose X-ray, the images are not stored, it's same sex operated, and the operator that sees the image will not see the person," she told Reuters.

Don't look for the X-ray machines to pop up in American airports anytime soon. The Transportation Security Administration agrees with Britain's Liberty group that they are too intrusive. "There are a number of privacy issues that need to be addressed before we would do field tests," a TSA spokeswoman told Reuters.

Well, folks, what do you think of this? What is your opinion? We would question the "very low dose X-ray" statement as well as the modesty factor!alt text

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I read about that a year or so back on either Druge Report or another news site. They were trying it out at an airport here in the states.

I think it was in Florida. They say it will only be if you want to go through it to save you time in the regular line, but someday, it will probably come to that for everyone.

They showed a picture of a volunteer who went through it(a man) and you could see everything. Totally nude! Yikes!!!! I will quit flying if it comes to this!!!! It's stressful enough for me now!

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I think it's pretty creepy and for those who have had radiation and have been told by their doctors not to have any more, I'd be very concerned about just how low the dose really is. :undecided:

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