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If you won the lottery....

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Easy - buy acreage and open up an animal no-kill animal rescue sanctuary. Our plan is to hire people who can't find jobs anywhere else because of disabilities, they can live on site and we would all be a big goofy family. I can picture blind dogs and three legged cats and us - smiling from ear to ear in the midst of it all. I wouldn't want to be our neighbours though lol - so I guess the property would have to be really big. That's the dream - now back to the reality of trying to figure out what to make for dinner and how to get all the cat hair off the sofa - lol. TTFN Jennifer

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I would give a bunch of money to my family in Ukraine.

I would establish a foundation that helped impoverished senior women here. Maybe buy some apartment buildings so that they could have decent places to live. Set up a subsidized grocery delivery system for seniors. Buy all of the tickets to a show at a theatre one night so that they could go out.

I would definitely give some money to dog rescue groups.

And I'd shop, too! And go to Paris!

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