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What to pack for a 5 y/o & a 9y/o?

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Make sure you pack kids medicines as the ships don't always have your brand or kids versions of popular meds.

Can you be more specific as far as packing???? Toys/clothes???? Would be glad to help but need more info.

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Pack some small inflatable toys for the pool , maybe a stuffed animal to sleep with. I always took the ear wax to prevent ear infections because my kids were prone to that and I always got an antibiotic from the pediatrician just in case. Take some extra tee shirts- my kids were always eating all over themselves . Take a hat or visor for the sun and sunblock. At that age, I took colorforms and the books that you color with the invisible markers. I took paper and some crayons for drawing and playing tic tac toe and a book to read to them or one or two that they could read. If you have any specific questions, ask away. I hope this helps. :cool: :cool:

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Great list of toys Gottacruz!

The 9 year old probably has a video game or headphones so make sure you bring that as well as extra batteries!!!

Pool toys aren't permitted in the larger pools but might be OK in the kids pool. Your child can wear water wings or a life vest as well as goggles if they need or want to use them.

Any toy your kids can't live without and would make them comfortable is the right toy to take. Maybe a few small new toys for those moments all our kids have. LOL!

I've always packed for the kids the same list that we use but also agree with Gottacruz, extra t-shirts for sure. Mine always managed to get them wet while by the pool. Also shoes to wear by the pool as the decks do get hot in the caribbean sun.

Now don't get carried away as we all have done, they do have a laundry service on the ship and it's not too expensive if you need it.

Just relax and have a good time. She's a beautiful ship with a great crew!

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