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10 dyas of vacation...

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Hello fine people,

Well, this is my last night of work, then off for vacation. Not going anywhere, staying around the Orlando area.

Saturday........ will be at some friends house for holiday cheer.....

Sunday..... relatives and a local watering hole to cheer on the Philadelphia Eagles.

Monday....uuuggghhh...shopping...going to the Mall at Millenia.....it will be fun..maybe DW will buy me something....of course she gets most everything...

Tuesday..my poor wife has to work.....rats...what to do ?????? Poker in Daytona Beach.

Wednesday..whatever happens.....do i need some rest ?????

Thursday......have to get some kind of cruise in....Sterling out of Port Canaveral...

Friday......... my side of the family Christmas

Saturday..... her side of the family.....Christmas

Sunday.........Possibly Tampa

Monday........Monday night football..Eagles and Rams.....i am ready for some wings and beeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..................

Tuesday night back to work.....

Will give some results after the 28th......

Have a wonderful holiday season everyone..... :grin: :grin: :grin:

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alt text\

You might want to check out Imperial Majesty Cruise Line’s Regal Empress. She does a two night out of Miami.. Formerly the Olympia, and the caribe I, the ship is a REAL, though small, cruise ship and is all teak, mahogany and brass, instead of today’s chrome, mirrors and neon…

I really enjoy sailing aboard her.


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Sounds like you're going to have a great 10 days. Enjoy every minute and I do hope your DW gets you that something special at the mall. Have a great vacation and a wonderful holiday. Cheryl :cool:

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The only real change was that we didn't go on the Sterling. Went to Tampa instead and went to the Hard Rock. One kind of sour grapes moment was....when i went to Daytona to play poker the dealer dealt me a royal flush to the spades. I won the pot, but come to find out in Tampa...they have a jackpot for royals.....and i wouldve...shouldve....couldve....won 16k if i only had been playing in Tampa instaed of Daytona. So the cookie crumbles.

My wife won $172 on a jackpot at the football game. She also got everything and more than she wanted. I know the restaurant has been around for awhile but we finally made it to Buca De Beppo. Awesome........They had a special going on...buy a $100 gift card and get a $25 reward card. After a couple fo cocktails, it wasn't hard to figure out...but the card and turn right around and use that for our lunch. Still have some left and the reward card.

ALl families are ok...........

All in all a great time away from work and wonderful times with my wife. What a great time to enjoy the holidays.

Hope all went well with everyone else.........

WHAT'S NEXT ????????????????????????????????????????????? :grin:

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