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Keith and Rita, Bon Voyage!

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Dear Keith and Rita,

Have a fantastic New Year's cruise. Also, enjoy your time with family in Orlando. We will miss you and look forward to hearing all about it. Have a wonderful Xmas and an extremely happy New Year's. Hugs, Cheryl :kiss: alt textalt text

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alt text

I hope your cruise will surely please

You as you sail Caribbean seas.

Clear skies above, the wind astern,

Fun and friends, wherever you turn.

But, turn around, and you will find,

The ghosts of those you’ve left behind…

Have fun aboard your cruise, I say;

Make the most of every day.

Listen to that great steel band,

Frozen thingee in your hand.

Drink one for us; please be so kind;

A toast to those you’ve left behind…

Eat all night; eat all day;

From breakfast, at the big buffet

To lunch, then snacks along the way,

At dinner, eat your Crème Brulee!

Don’t forget us, once you’ve dined;

Your 'Crazies' friends you’ve left behind…

And at the end, when your ship

Pulls into its final slip,

You disembark with tear in eye,

Turn around and wave good-bye.

When you get home, you’ll sadly find

You’ve now become one left behind…

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We received 20" of snow and the entire area is under a state of emergency. The airport is closed and the main roads south are impassable. I had to go to our plant this morning because of a Sonitrol alarm and a loud crashing noise. The roof on our employee's break room collapsed causing serious damage. Thank God we were closed and nobody was in there when it happened! I was able to get there okay in my Jeep Wrangler except having to dodge disabled vehicles, and in some cases, make my own road.

We may have to delay our trip by a few days and be forced to drive all night and all day to make the ship. Somehow we will find a way!

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I'm so sorry to hear about your problems but as you said...glad to hear the plant was closed and no one was hurt! I'm sure you will do whatever it takes to get on that ship!!! Have a safe trip down here to Orlando!!!!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and have a fantastic cruise!!

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Thanks everyone for the send off! We said the heck with everything and left on time--and after a fun drive thru the ice and snow we made it to Orlando. On to Port Canaveral tomorrow and the Zaandam Tuesday!

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