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I got this from a Snapple drink:

Real Fact #368

In 2003, a 6-year-old from Naples, FL. was ticketed for not having a permit for her lemonade stand.

alt textalt text

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alt text

You probably don’t know the name Avigayil Wardein, but you might have heard of the six-year-old girl in Naples, Florida, who was busted for operating a lemonade stand without a permit. Avigayil is that girl. She sells lemonade for fifty cents per plastic cup, and has a jar for tips.

A dissgruntled neighbor reported Avigayil to the authorities for failure to have a permit. City Mayor Bonnie McKenzie was surprised. She hadn’t been aware a permit was required for a lemonade stand. "I’ve been a customer of hers more than once," the mayor said. "That means I’ve aided and abetted. You know what: I’m not one bit sorry. It’s good lemonade."

However, Avigayil is back in business, selling lemonade to thirsty customers at Sixth Street and 11th Avenue. The Naples city fathers, aware of the widespread bad-press they’d received, and of their opponent’s photogenic smile, albeit minus two front teeth, caved. After a few days shutdown, Avigayil was allowed to re-open by the authorities. She’s selling lemonade again. In any event, a number of outraged citizens offered to pay the $35 permit fee for her, so one way or another, she’d still be in the lemonade business.

A local paper wrote:

“She's still a normal 6-year-old who wants to spend what little money she has on candy, art supplies and dresses she can wear when she practices her ice skating moves. She likes to show off her fingernail polish -- blue on one hand and purple on the other -- as she fills the plastic cups with her mother's homemade lemonade.

But she doesn't realize how many people know about her. She bases fame on how many coins and dollar bills are in her tip jar ? a glass vase with a sign taped across it letting customers know spare change can be tossed inside.

Since news of the lemonade stand began spreading earlier this week, she expects to be ‘famous’ for a long time.

"It makes you get lots and lots of money," Avigayil said, while holding her tip jar. ‘It's really fun.’ “

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I think that disgruntled neighbor should get a life and leave 6 year old kids alone. Now that's a naughty lady. She must have some serious problems of her own. How sad. :sad:

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