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Any Couples Only cruises?

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We are looking to go on our first cruise, and are looking for some advice. We are a married couple (2+ years) with no kids. We really loved going to Sandals for our honeymoon, and are looking to try a cruise that we will like just as much.

Let me know what other things would help in getting advice on what cruise to take. Thanks.

(Also, we hope to go within a few months, is that too soon to do it? Are we better off booking farther into the future?)

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The best discounts are usually early booking discounts, so the earlier you book the better. The longer the cruise the less children will be onboard. Anything in the 9 days or more range will have very limited number of children, especially if it is not during spring break or the first few weeks after school gets out in the summer. In addition, those lines that don't cater to kids won't have many aboard. Oceania and Windstar are a couple that come to mind. Or any of the all inclusive lines, like Radisson Seven Seas, Seabourne, Seadream Yacht Club, Crystal or Silverseas. But you are talking more expensive with the all inclusive lines.

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I know last year Celebrity had a couple of adult only cruises. You may want to check with them also. There were only a few though so it may not fit into your schedule.

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Thanks for the help.

Are there ever cases where booking last minute can get you a good deal? (We are pretty flexible)

What other things should we consider when picking a cruise (or crusie line)?

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Well, we're married almost 24 years and have been on about 20 plus cruises . We're always taken the kids because we couldn't leave them with anyone. Our youngest is almost 13 and I must say, I'm looking forward to one day, being able to cruise without kids. Enjoy your time together, Micah. :cool: :cool: :cool:

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It is not common to get last minute bargains, but it does happen occasionally, when a ship is particularly undersold. Usually within 60 days of sailing if they do cut the prices. But cruise prices are just like airline prices. Don't count on them going lower, they change daily. And they may go UP if the demand is there.

Mass market: RCCL, Carnival, NCL

Premium: Celebrity, Princess, HAL, Oceania

Luxury: Radisson, Crystal, Silverseas, Seabourn, Seadream

Niche: Windstar, Star Clipper, Windjammer, Cruise West

As you go from mass market to Luxury you will find fewer children, older, wealthier passengers.

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