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My first Cruise!

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Hola All!

This is my first cruise and I am soo excited. It will be in April but I am really looking forward to leave my office for a week and relax with my family. I have a question though, what is Oceanview guaranteed? I picked that and I feel I made a huge mistake.

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Hi JayeeCruise, and welcome to CruiseCrazies. Lots of great people on this forum with answers to lots of questions.

I have never sailed Guarenteed, but I have seen lotsof people write about it on the boards, and almost every one of them were satisified with it. It means that you are guarenteed to get an Oceanview cabin on your cruise, That is the lowest grade you can get. You may actually be upgraded to a better cabin for the same price, but never count on it. The price of a guarenteed cabin is usually less than booking a specific cabin. The general rule is book a guarentee for the worst cabin that you are willing to take, and maybe get upgraded. You may or may not have an assigned cabin as of now, but there have been previous threads telling how to find out if you have an assigned cabin.

Again welcome, and please post often.


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Congratulations on your first cruise JayeeCruise.

I booked a guarantteed oceanview stateroom once and was very satisfied with the upgraded oceanview stateroom I was ultimately given. The only caveat that I have is if you are interested in an oceanview stateroom, don't use the guarantee method requesting an interior stateroom. If you do that your upgrade will most likely be to another interior stateroom on a higher floor.

Enjoy your cruise.

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Hey JayeeCruise,

Welcome to CruiseCrazies! Congrats on your cruise booking!! You're gonna love it! I bet you'll love it so much that this first cruise definitely won't be the last.

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