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Chicken parmesan, anyone?

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Who else besides me is a B-I-G chicken parmesan fan?

Came up with my own delicious recipe not too long ago.

Here's a question I have....and I hope it's not a stupid one. :wink: But the waitress at the Olive Garden couldn't answer this either...

Why is it that chicken parmesan is called chicken parmesan when most (if not all) recipes call for mozarella cheese, not parmesan cheese? I checked out the description in the Olive Garden menu, and even the Olive Garden uses mozarella cheese in its "chicken parmesan"? So why is it called chicken parmesan?? :huh:

I'm hoping someone has an answer...I've been wondering this for a while now.

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Jason...traditionally chicken parmesan is made with grated parmesan cheese and bread crumbs, etc, but some people use mozzarella cheese and then add a little grated parmesan on top. If they use no parmesan that does make you wonder why they would call it that! :grin:

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alt text

History tells us that about 400 hundred years ago, in Bologna Italy, whole veal cutlets were traditionally crumbed with Parma Ham,and cheese. This dish became famous all around the world as veal Bolognese. In the town of Parma, Italy, they made a similar veal, called Veal Parmesan, which is veal cutlets crumbed,and deep fried....no cheese, no ham, and, definitely, no tomatoes.

This famous Dish became known as Veal Parmigiana (originating from Parma). Unfortunately, too many cooks and hundreds of years later, others have put cheese and tomato on top, and replaced the veal cutlets with some other kind of meat, most commomly chicken. But, they forgot to change the name and the incorrect name now exists for the product known as Veal Parmigiana

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