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Yes, just 98 more sleeps until we board the Sovereign of the Seas. Anybody going or do we have the ship to ourselves?

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Hi dogladyjw,

Unfortunately I won't be sailing on the Sovereign of the Seas, however, you reminded me of a very precious time in my life when my niece was approximately four years old. I would promise to take her on special trips and let her know the date of our trip within one week to one month of the event. She would always respond with, "How many sleeps is that."

It makes me wonder how many children relate the passing of time with the number of times they go to sleep.

Believe or not, My four year old niece was always accurate to the date of the trip and would remind me that, "There are only three more sleeps before..."

Thanks for reminding me of that very special time.

My niece is now 14 years old.

Enjoy your trip in 98 more sleeps!

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