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The "Denial Cruise"

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This was in our morning paper.... not intended to start a political discussion, but I thought it was worth sharing.

Several die-hard Kerry supporters are taking a cruise during Inaugural Week. Said one: "It's actually kind of wretched, but I feel like leaving the country is kind of a small way to protest... And I get to snorkel."


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A post is put up with a link to that story, but then its "not intended to start a poltical discussion".........gee, wonder if it happens anyway......LOL.

I love the celebrities who all came out and said "If Bush wins I'm moving out of the country" (which is the same thing they said LAST election)......seems as if none of 'em have gotten around to renting that moving truck yet..........LMAO.

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The reason for the post was that a group of people wanted to escape reality for a few days that they felt would be unpleasant for them -- so they chose a cruise. Not backpacking, not going to a resort, but cruising.

That is the same reason I cruise -- to escape life for a week. I don't even read a newspaper while I'm gone.

So that is why I thought this story interesting. Whether or not I agree with their political views is immaterial. I do think, however, that many of us can relate to the "escaping reality" part.


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Thanks for posting the link with the article, Lisa. I enjoyed reading it, not because of the political aspect, but because of the relation to cruises the article has.

C'mon, let's get back to cruising!

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