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First Timer

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Hello to all! This is my first time posting anything so please excuse the *dumb* questions. My husband and i will be going on our first cruise on March 20 aboard the carnival Miracle. We will be on the verandah deck mid ship with an extended balcony. In the last few weeks we have had so many people give advice as to what to bring, when to eat, what to eat,what things to see in certain ports , that we are going crazy and are now rethinking all the decisions we had made! Is there such a thing as goin with the flow and whatever happens, happens? Does everything have to be so planned out in advance , or can we check out activities as we come into port? The one thing we have done is print out the packing list and put in the fridge door! Although i'm still trying to figure out what the duct tape on the list is for? I am open to any real helpful ideas or tips. Thanks for letting me get this outta my system!!!

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When it comes to first time cruising, there is no dumb questions. We would suggest taking all you hear and read with a grain of salt. It will be one of the best experiences you will have. As far as doing your own thing and not planning anything in advance--that is what we tend to do. Going with the flow and what happens, happens is a good attitude to have. With your cruise documents will be a list of port excursions offered. The really good ones sometimes sell out fast so if you see something you want to do you may want to book it shortly after embarking your cruise, or even prior via the Internet. If you have a specific question about anything just ask away. As far as duct tape, we needed it one time when one of our bags busted a zipper. We ended up taking a taxi from our hotel to a drug store to purchase a roll right before we had our bags sent to the ship. The only thing we learned from this experience is not to over stuff our bags, and no, we still do not pack duct tape!

Just relax and enjoy the ride!

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Welcome to our CruiseCrazies family, spark161. We're so glad to have you aboard. As Keith and Rita said, there are no dumb questions. Don't hesitate to ask away. That's what we're here for. We've always booked our excursions onboard and just go with the flow. For us, a cruise is for relaxing so we tend to just let it all happen. As far as the duct tape goes, we always take it - as Keith and Rita said, it can cover luggage rips, it's great if a hem on a dress or slacks comes down or a zipper should break. We just take a small roll , just in case. Don't worry about anything. Just relax and you will love the experience.

It's great to see you posting and hope to get to know you. Cheryl

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Hi Sparki,

I can give you advice from the perspective of a recent first time cruiser.

We decided not to plan anything in advance. The day before the port calls, we would look over what was still available. Since lots of stuff had sold out we usually opted to go it alone. In our case, that was a mistake. The ports on the Panama Canal cruise were not condusive with going it alone. But we didn't know that! I'd say review the ports of call in advance so you know what's available and what you might be able to do on your own. We still enjoyed our cruse, but we felt we missed out since we didn't get to see much at each port.

We are cruising again in a few months. This time we plan to sign up in advance for one excursion on 2 of the 3 ports. Since we're doing it in advance we can review the excursion details and see what ones really look right for us.

Duct Tape is the end all be all fix it tool. We drove cross country one summer and by the end of the month, the duct tape was holding the motor home together! I hope a shiny new cruise ship wouldn't suffer the same problems ;)

Happy Cruising!


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Sparki 161 - there are no silly questions just some silly anwsers - like most of mine. Here comes one now! The duct tape is to put over your husband's mouth so he can't complain about all the stuff you are buying - before the cruise and in those exotic ports. My dh has a full beard and mustache so it hurts plenty pulling it off - but he learned quick lol. And just remember the anticipation of a cruise is half the fun .... so ask away and take everyone's suggestions with a grain of salt. Welcome aboard. ttfn Jennifer

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