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Pregnant Cruising

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Hi all,

I'll be 22-23 weeks pregnant when we cruise in March. We've planned this as our last couple's getaway before the baby arrives!

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience cruising while pregnant?

On our honeymoon cruise 2 years ago, I took Bonine every day to avoid motion sickness. I don't know if I'd have had a problem without it, but we weren't taking any chances on getting sick so we took it as a precaution.

I intend to double check with my doctor, but if anyone found any good motion sickness deterants that can be used while pregnant, I'd love to hear them.

Any other advice for the pregnant cruiser is appreciated!



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Welcaome to our CruiseCrazies family, krisp. We're so glad to have you aboard. I've never cruised while pregnant but I have used those accupressure bracelets that are sold for seasickness and they seem to work. I've also read that taking ginger can help.It's great to see you posting , krisp , and hope to get to know you. Cheryl

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Hi Krisp,

I will also be cruising while pregnant; 24 weeks in April. The only other time I cruised, I was also expecting, but only around 16 weeks. I had no trouble with motion sickness, although I did start my travels with those acupuncture wristbands. Eventually I realized I didn't need them and stopped wearing them.

The only thing I really remember about the last cruise is spending a lot of time on deck with a good book. Try not to over do it.

Have a great cruise, and good luck with the baby.


Jewel of the Seas (72 days!) 4/3 - 9, 6-day Western Caribbean

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Congratulations packerbeth and krisp!

We took a cruise when I was about 12 weeks pregnant... this was 12 years ago. We had some rough weather, and I got through it with SeaBands (the ones with the accupressure points) and -- believe it or not -- apples.

A couple of things to keep in mind, though. First, have a letter from your doctor in your possession, indicating how far along you are in your pregnancy and that it is safe for you to fly and cruise. Also, be sure that the lines will allow you to cruise, as many of them have a cut-off of 24 weeks.

Most of all, enjoy the pampering! Our wonderful waiter would bring me a tall glass of skim milk as soon as I arrived for dinner.

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You have been given some great advice above. I do recommend the Sea Bands (the ones with the accupressure ball in them). Apples and ginger are good too, but be careful with the ginger as you can get too much ginger and cause some troubles.

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