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Hi all again,

Another question comes to mind as a first time cruiser... Upon completion of our fantastic cruise, our ship (Carnival Glory) will return to port at approximately 7:00 a.m., at Port Canaveral. Our travel agent arranged a flight for us to head home departing Orlando airport at 11:25 a.m. Can anyone help with the time it takes to 'debark'. I also know it's an hour drive from the port to the airport. Any helpful advice to ensure rapid exit would be greatly appreciated. Getting excited .....six days to go, YAHOO! Thanks again for the helpful advice.

Luv2Humor :wink:

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Sorry to break this to you, but that's going to be very tight.

Although the ship docks at 7:00 am, it usually takes a couple of hours for the ship to clear customs, immigration, etc. Then, as you said, you've got about a one-hour trip to the Orlando airport. Also consider check-in and security lines.

I'd see about getting a later flight. But if that's not possible, arrange for early disembarkation tags while you are onboard. That will enable you to be in the first group of passengers allowed to disembark.

How are you getting from Port Canaveral to the airport?

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As Lisa said, it's going to be very tight!

The disembarkation process is staggered, and, if you show them your airline ticket, you will be allowed off the ship with the first group.

Assuming the ship docks at 7:00 am, it will be about 9:00 to 9:30 by the time they allow passengers off. It will take about a half-hour to retrieve your luggage, get to your transportation, etc; It will then be approximately 10:00 am....

An hour drive to the airport gets you there about 11:00 am, only 25 minutes prior to the flight...

You may want to call your TA and explain that they may have booked a flight that is too early. explain the above and see if they can do anything to rectify the problem.

(P.S. I notice you've sailed on Dolphin and Majesty; weren't they great! I don't think I've ever had food as good, on any cruise, especially the desserts!)

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Hi Lisa/Jeff,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question regarding disembarkation vs making my flight home on time. I called the TA and also questioned if our scheduled flight time home was too early vs the ship arriving in the port. The TA assured me (our cruise group totals 17) that we should be able to disembark with the first group off the ship. She mentioned that I have to make sure the purser knows of our early flight time. A private van is to be at the port to pick us up at 8:45 a.m. for delivery to the airport. I sure hope this tight schedule can be met without incident. Thanks again for responding. I sure appreciate your expertise!

BTW Jeff, this will be my first cruise, but I sure hope I like it enough to become a dedicated sailor like yourself! :wink:


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Hi Luv2Humor,

I just got back from a cruise on the Carnival Fascination. I noticed that some passengers were allowed to disembark at 7:30 AM.

The cruise line is usually aware of when your flight is and tries to get you off the ship on time. If you have doubts, see the pursers desk and they will give you special tags for your luggage for early debarkation.

It also helps if you can take your luggage off yourself. If not, you'll have to look for your luggage in a designated area at the port.

Enjoy your cruise.

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Hi Mebert,

Thank you for the great advice regarding disembarking procedures. I'm more relaxed now knowing I have some control and what to do to ensure prompt exit. Your reponse and help is greatly appreciated!

Luv2Humor :cheesy:

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